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  1. I'm going to be late for round 1- if someone can cover my commitment I'll pay them for the round. 916.214.6370
  2. Wow, officially my favorite tournament... Kozakura- no San Diego for me. I was gonna go but ended up deciding I like the people/area around Cal more than La Jolla
  3. Don't have a full copy of the breaks but this is stuff I do know Fullerton GS is 7-0 Fullerton GS CPS KV Bellarmine RV St. Francis PR All advance without debating there was another team or two that also advanced without debating that I forgot about
  4. Wow... strong start to the year Bellarmine. Congrats on winning the two tournaments you've attended.
  5. What if what I really really want is you, Dakota?
  6. theprodigy

    CSU Fullerton

    Fullerton won the final round on a 3-0
  7. Fullerton was and ran Native Americans Damien ran: T- In the US Heidegger Consult WTO Trade Da South Korea FTA Da 2nr was Heidegger Congrats to Damien for a fantastic showing and to Chuck/the Long Beach folks for keeping the tournament running smoothly.
  8. Loyola debated and beat Brophy in round 5 last night... La Costa debated the team from James Logan, but I'm not sure what ended up happening. More info on some teams I do know about: 5-0 CPS (not sure their codes, but the sophomores) Loyola 4-1 Fullerton GS Damien BR Meadows MP Damien GM
  9. There are a few teams that had the SAT in the morning and thus missed the first two rounds... the tournament decided to let those teams start with a 1-1 record and they averaged the speaks for the rounds Damien BR and Fullerton GS are the only teams that I know had the SAT in the morning Right now it's round 5... here are some records going into it (sorry I don't know school codes) 4-0 James Logan (I think) La Costa Canyon Brophy Loyola 3-1 Fullerton GS Damien BR CPS V + something
  10. theprodigy


    Fullerton GS and Bishop are both 6-0 and are debating each other right now.
  11. Hey Mrs. Tate,


    I was just wondering if you have set the dates for the Glenbrooks tournament yet? If so, please let me know as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.




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