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  1. Dheady


    She Speaks just as well too BTW congrats to all that qualified...
  2. Dheady


    That was the best win of my life as a KU fan...ROCK CHALK!!!!
  3. State Congress is an excellent chance to get to know some of the fellow competitors from your state that will be at nationals. That is very important when it comes to getting the votes you need in the nationals chambers. From my experience kids who do not travel the national circuit are put at what seems to be a disadvantage at nationals. This because those who don’t travel do not know as many people thus are not able to get the votes to help control or sway a chamber. State congress gives you an opportunity to change that. On a separate note: State congress also held some of the best chambers i was ever a part of, the experience of competing against the best from your own state is something that is a unique experience on its own. I know the last year i attended we had something like 3 national qualifies not make it to super session because the field was so strong.
  4. Dheady


    I want to beat Roy, not because i hate him and not because i hate UNC, but its more of a sweet victory kind of thing. You know he is going to be an absolute wreck the whole week and during the game. I think we should start Case just to mess with Roy's head. Case was the last guy who played under him and i think it would be almost too much for him. Oh, and I can't wait for DJ or Darrell to dunk on Hansbrough.
  5. Dheady


    Final Four....GO HAWKS, its been a great season lets see if we can keep it going
  6. Im just going to leave this one alone...
  7. I actually was on Facebook and those little ads on the side of my browser had a thing for "A debate Documentry" and i clicked on it. Ive not heard of this movie until then and i was wondering if anyone else had. http://web.mac.com/smilerfilms/Site/Welcome.html
  8. I heard Denzel's tears cure cancer...
  9. I dont care how badass Denzel was in Training day...you attach Oprahs name to anything and it automatically covers up any good Denzel can do...
  10. we played awful until the 4th quarter... at least we made it a game at the end... im so sad
  11. this is amazing chief, i hope all of the debaters at your tournament realize what you just did for them
  12. replace sailor with cowboy and we are in business
  13. Dheady

    Celebrity judge!!!

    Aqib Talib, George Bush, and Kanye West-Beat that panel i would run, Federal v. federal topicality and Heg....
  14. Wait...Canada and North Dakota are two diffrent places? Since when?
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