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  1. Steven

    College Judging

    Name: Christian Prince Year: KU Sophomore District(s): Lawrence/KC area, Sunflower E-Mail: Kryptenx@Gmail.com Cell: Email if you need it. Experience: 3 years policy debate at Goddard. Speed, conditionals, discourse all OK
  2. Steven

    EKNFL Judging

    Sent you a PM with contact info.
  3. Steven

    Sunflower NFL

    Damn you NFL districts for making Nick and I get off our asses and actually run something besides spark. No guarantees though.
  4. Was supposed to go, but KCKCC fell on the same weekend. My heart is broken.
  5. Steven

    Emporia Oct. 27-28

    Hooray! What will the judging pool look like in Varsity?
  6. Steven

    Emporia Oct. 27-28

    Ouch, I didn't hear about that one.
  7. Steven

    Emporia Oct. 27-28

    Who will we see there? Prince/Hawthorne and Munday/Buller from Goddard will be in Varsity.
  8. I'd do it. I'm not always amazingly active on Cross-X, but obviously with a modding reponsibility that would change. Why? I've administrated and modded many forums during the past 5 years, with the biggest forum being around 15,000 users. C-X is way bigger, but this is only the Kansas forum. I definitely demonstrate fairness and maturity as a mod. forums username: Steven your real name: Christian Prince school: Goddard city: Goddard state: KS and the forums in which you would like to run: KS
  9. Steven

    KCKCC- Nov. 3&4

    Shit, I have chemo that week. Prince/Hawthorne (hopefully) Munday/Buller Should be there.
  10. Amazing. That's all I can say. Prince/Hawthorne and Munday/Buller from Goddard will be taking full advantage of laptops in varsity.
  11. Holy shit it's Jill! Definitely cool that you guys will be all the way out here. As for room, I have no idea where my squad is staying, but I'll ask my coach about places nearby and let you know.
  12. I must refer you all to: http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=965305
  13. Michigan 7 does not SDI 2 does not SDI 3 does not Plus, this encourages more OiNK sharing and downloading from CX people who don't know we have started to upload Policy Debate Evidence onto OiNK. Philosophy ebooks are a good idea too, I'll have to add those.
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