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  1. K-i'm gonna finally put my two-damn-cents in. I debated in idaho for the 4 previous years to this and this place is a giant cluster-f of bad judging. And here's why you have dumbasses in the tab room who don't rank the quals of judges and don't give a shit about who's judging rounds. I coach in Utah now and at bid tournaments they rank judges. A judges are college debaters and experienced coach's, B judges are students who are one year out with some experience and legitimacy. And C judges are the wanderer's and dumbasses who belong in PF. And then rounds are then ranked based on records-so for example break rounds and undefeated rounds get A priority for judging. The problem in idaho is that good judges get randomly assigned and college debaters get no ballots at all. Ryan Sargent is a good example as well as other isu debaters. Paul from ISU has gone a whole tournament without a ballot. Stupid comm's teams strike the good judges and idaho continues to devolve. I was at Blacksnake (the one idaho tournament i wasted my time at--and i got 1 varsity ballot and no outround ballots except for novices. It's ridiculous.) I judge in break rounds at bid tournaments like Meadows and elsewhere but am not good enough to judge locally??? The other problem is coaching. Amy walker knows the judging pool and a hella lot about comm's debate. So Hillcrest is coached to do that shitty new in the 2. Along with other programs. Additionally, coaches like teton, madison, etc. all hate college debaters and their coaches flat out REFUSE to give them ballots. And, some teams purposefully bring BAD judges to just fill the pool. Another case in point. I too got flat out screwed out of rounds in high school. Just ask joey about last year. We didn't even break at state or nat quals but won 5 local tournaments, and broke at whitman. As well as getting speaker awards there and alta??? You've got to be kidding me. So don't tell me debaters don't know how to freaking adapt. I'm just glad hunter and joe were good enough to get through to nats and stuff. This whole area is a joke. And i think good judges refuse to come back because the pay sucks and we get no ballots. I never went back to another tournament in Idaho after blacksnake. And for good reason, at least in Utah i get ballots and can be legit. In Idaho i wasted my damn time for nothing. So good luck everyone-hopefully the coaching and judging get better but as for right now everyone is just SOL.
  2. blackfootsmj1

    BYU Debate

    I too would love to get a BYU policy program set-up. I broke at some bid tournaments my senior year and got some speaker awards. I've been coaching Lone Peak HS and was recruited to debate in college. If BYU had a legit team i'd definitely do it. But i'm leaving on a mission this summer too.
  3. Does anyone have a nuke processing neg. I would prefer the SNFI neg if you have it. I already have SDI's. email me at blackfootsm1@hotmail.com and we can work out a trade.
  4. Does anyone know how this aff would be remotely topical on this res? The United States federal government should amend section 110.26 of 10 Code of Relations to include Iran on the list of countries which require no specific nuclear export license.
  5. Brandon, I'd love to. You just tell me which ones and i'd do it.
  6. blackfootsmj1

    WNDI Scholars

    Blackfoot High School in Idaho is sending two: Hunter Phillips Joseph Harper
  7. I am Michael Johnson. I was a 4 year high school policy debater. I could have debated in college but decided against it. I will be a freshman at BYU next year and will be available to judge at tournaments and cut cards. I work hard and cut tons of cards. I broke at major TOC tournaments and am able to adapt to any debating style. blackfootsmj1@hotmail.com
  8. alex where can i get your email?
  9. Anyone up for a partial or full disclosure- email blackfootsmj1@gmail.com for blackfoot JH aff disclosure, we will give our's if you email us your's.
  10. do you have a cite on that? Any other cites or cards would be sweet. Thanks.
  11. How much does the "ominous bill" affect the inherency of this aff? Does anyone have any ev on how much the WFTPA actually cost? Thanks
  12. blackfootsmj1


    blackfoot is-don't expect a lot of western teams to show up. But there will be good judging-prolly best eastern idaho gets all season.
  13. i dropped in octa's...ugh freakin switching advocacy bastards.
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