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  1. PSH...like calling me a dumbass in out rounds
  2. Mike bacon is actually friggin amazing at any card game...he owned me at ERS everytime i played against him. Micheal is a funny guy with a great heart. And I completely agree with everythign else said in this thread. I'm glad to see your lack of responding to the comments posted above.....
  3. Lexington MM does have 2 bids ghost at USC and they got one at UGA....stas is my boy
  4. thelexfunk


    shaker i will pound ur face, and it was my nick name.....;alskdjf;lasd stfu!
  5. thelexfunk


    hey can someone from lakeland contact me? email: hershychocolate5@gmail.com thanks
  6. we didn't have a snow day either damn it... compared to last year, where we had like 535 snow days..t.hat was the shit :-D
  7. well this whole discussion doesn't matter... Hen Hud is cancelled. See ya'll later in the year
  8. is edgemont making an appearance?
  9. yea go lexington! lexington MM are ballers
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