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  1. I just moved into Stockton, I'm a student at UoP, and I'm available if anybody needs a judge, preferably policy. I have four years of high school policy experience in SE Idaho. Feel free to email me at i_molsee@pacific.edu. Thanks
  2. I got to finals last year in PF running biopower, and that's in the wonderfully backwards area of SE Idaho. So Ks in PF can work you just have to be careful about how you run them.
  3. Who's running what cases? What rankings are teams going in as? How many teams? etc SF - 6 Teams 1-Straus and Willmore - Americorps * 2-MacDowell and Little - Senior Corps * 2-Molsee and Rumsey - Draft 3-Gillies and Biorn - Draft * 3-Hathaway and Woodcock - Americorps 4-Lusk and Potter - L&S * I make no guarantees on cases, serious potential for change but they don't like me much so they haven't told me
  4. There is also a cool analytics counter k called Martyrdom. Basis is that the neg should want to lose because it will give more weight to the kritik and prove that the kritik is needed, in turn increasing the likelyhood of actually overcoming whatever is being kritiked. It can be run against absolutely any K.
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    try page 5 of the camp files thread. Most of the sendspace files are no longer available but DDI and the last Michigan links work.
  6. It's b/c everybody decent is at alta, everybody else either sucks or is from a school w/o a budget or (my case) a coach that hates big tourneys
  7. my understanding is plain malthus is just overpopulation is going to kill us.
  8. So. Fremont is going and from what I hear all the judges are doing community service and have little to no debate experience. Essentially the ultimate comms tournament. anybody want to say what they're running? We're running a couple of different senior corps and americorps cases.
  9. service=the act of copulating with a female animal- merriam websters collegiate dictionary tenth edition
  10. memorize your 1ac then just stare at the judge never blinking when he is looking at you. or read relatively slowly then as soon as the judge looks down spew as fast as you can until the judge looks up.
  11. I have a womp aff put out during the UN res if you want that.
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    I want to start running RVIs on T more but I don't have much theory on it and I am unsure of how exactly you would run it. Suggestions?
  13. This one requires a little background, we were going up against a team we could beat with ease and had a stock comms judge. BTW we were in SE Idaho so stock coms means ultimate lay judge. We're aff and run a narrative Agamben aff, we had never even read it pre round, and the other team doesn't realize we were reading a narative until half way through the 1ac. they ran T. Both our flows were mostly blank but somehow the judge was flowing the entire round even the 1ac, man I wanted to see that flow.
  14. i've got the MNDI and Jedi files, what are you willing to trade for them?
  15. I hear hilcrest is running peace corps and health corps, if anybody has a flow of the health corps case and want to email it to me, i'd share future flows.
  16. Anarchy can be run well but one of the hardest parts is being prepared for the crap arguments you will get from people who don't know how to answer it. Also you have to be very careful with what judge you run it with. many will just get mad because you had the audacity to run somehting so dumb, abusive, etc.
  17. in my experience running terror talk and comparing it to using racial slurs is very effective with lay judges. a good basic strategy is present the k in the 1n plus whatever else, and then split the block cover everything but the k in the 2n add in whatever new args you want then spend the entire 1nr explaining the k. it usually works pretty well.
  18. since oink seems to be the newest way to get evidence on here and there seems to be no sure way to get an invite i'm starting a thread for people who would like one. if people would please invite us that would be great. for starters me: blondbison@gmail.com THanks
  19. an all women draft aff. if it's even plausible, it could be pretty cool i think.
  20. what are pmn's and pma's?
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