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  1. Woah there bro, SLOW DOWN. Michigan elitist? I'll have you know sir. Those are fighting words.
  2. For a debate website, Everyone just makes straw man arguments and personal attacks.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001_Michigan_vs._Michigan_State_football_game
  4. Not only is this wrong, you posted it three times, making it TRIPLE wrong.
  5. To be fair Kelvin Grady was a terribly mediocre player (aside from his totally legit ball handling skills,) who was just going to ride the bench, and he's actually seeing time at receiver now on the football team.
  6. Michigan haters: I will never be able to hear you over how great I am. Though I'm totally fine with looking to an MSU/UM hockey rivalry. Season sweep last year repeat I think, you guys were nothing and you're worse than nothing without Jeff Lerg. We'll be good at basketball again, Beilein knows what he's doing. Michigan Agricultural College, go home.
  7. Ohio State University. More than anything, ever.
  8. Penn State is going to be sick, I'll pick them over OSU for Big Ten champs (and not just because fuck ohio!) Michigan: maybe this year we will drop the football less oh god don't let us be the next notre dame.
  9. Not even close, see: George RR Martin. Salvatore's books are fun and well-written, and truthfully he hasn't been anywhere near as mean as he could be.
  10. Alex

    disc golf.

    Always wanted to play but never got a chance. I'm an almost daily ultimate frisbee player, though.
  11. I think I learned a lot when I spent less time reading and more time out living my life. Just saying.
  12. Alex

    2009 nfl draft

    Haha, Lane Kiffin. He has made the off-season interesting for the college football world, that's for sure.
  13. Some deputy health ministers opinion doesn't reflect that of the entire Israeli government. That said, being jewish, I wouldn't eat any Mexicans, either.
  14. Why would you go drag up a 4 month old topic to post that.
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