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  1. Wichita State Matt Coleman and Chris Stone qualified.
  2. Happy birthday, there needs to be drinking and cake in our future.
  3. At Emporia this weekend Wichita State Coleman/ Cook lost in finals on a 2-1 to Baylor JO. Congrats to them on a great performance.
  4. Congrats to Northwest for representing Sunflower well, the names of the Maize team were Fayette/ Ford and congrats to them on breaking in their first varsity tournament.
  5. MO State JV Results: Wichita State Rinker/ Sibaai dropped in Quarters 4/3 prelims Wichita State Agnew/ Robinson dropped in Sems 7/0 prelims Speaker Awards: 10th Rinker 4th Agnew 1st Robinson
  6. Congrats to all the Kansas folk for representing so well and especially to WSU.
  7. While they are budgeted for, most schools do not make back that money for the school at all through entry fees. If the budget allots that money for entry fees it could be redirected to pay for nationals or other such things. Also this would not abandon concessions, this would not effect them at all. Finally, it is a fiscal burden for some schools, I realize it is not a huge burden for smaller schools but they would not be disadvantaged by a program like this.
  8. Templin (Maize) Rubaie (SME) Advance to Senate finals. Congrats to our policy warriors representing us well, keep up the good work. I am sorry to hear that Mac dropped but good job making it thus far.
  9. AND Whoa! We've got some folks talking real wreckless here. What's the deal?
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