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  1. I think the reason why KSHSAA walks all over the community is because we are represented by people like Mr. Williams (please see picture.) It just isn't intimidating enough.
  2. You really shouldn't be allowed to expose yourself in public, especially with dirty britches, when representing an institution. Once again you guys have nothing better to do than to beat a dead horse in the Kansas forums.
  3. Swanson is right on in this one.
  4. Our legal system really makes Zahra's concerns irrelevant. The plight of the accuser will be taken care of in a way that is least humiliating to the child and with the best interest of the mental stability and health of the child after a potentially traumatic experience. Regardless, we should make a delineation between supporting this man and supporting something as sick as sexual child abuse as "a simple mistake." It doesn't necessarily moot his accomplishments and his contribution to us as a debate community. Whether or not it makes him less of a man is up to the eye of the beholder. It's a great testament to a man's career if regardless of such a horrid act (please understand I am speaking hypothetically) you may still realize you were so moved by him that you may overlook something that is among one of the more despicable acts a teacher, or moreso a human being, can perpetuate. I applaud Dubois putting his neck out on the line to support a fellow colleague, but perhaps his efforts would be better directed privately to the Buhler community and those close to Mr. Young instead of cast out to the public where comments of support can become belittled by shitheads like me who analyze everything or womyn like Zahra who make us smile daily.
  5. Very true, and very brilliant. I think that the Israeli and Palestinian conflict is the top issue in my mind. I think with the death of Arafat and the rise of power of Abbas for a second time that there will finally be compromise on the Palestinian part. Sharon also has showed his support for withdrawal of Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip and some in the West Bank. I think that solving this age old conflict that a domino effect will be created in the Middle East and perhaps with the help of the United States and other Western governments finally their will be less anti-American/Western sentiment in the Middle East.
  6. HeHateMe

    IX / FX

    I'm starting FX this year...I also plan on not being that great. There sure are a lot of good topics though
  7. (Side Note: Yay Patriot Act) (Second Side Note: I'm glad to know that we're electing smart officials who can come up with a name that turns into an acronym that spells out patriot. I don't think I could do that and make it make sense.) Alright, as for you: Go to www.catoinstitute.com, i'm not sure if they specifically have stuff on the patriot act, but they're so conservative that it will rock your socks off. Also www.rage4truth.com will work. The forums at www.protestwarrior.com are pretty damn good. And here's another thought that doesn't cross many democrats and liberals who automatically shun the Patriot Act right away: READ THE ACTUAL TEXT! Yeah, because you see, when you read the actual text you can see how the plan actually uses checks and balances just like the rest of the government and there are no actual policies in the Patriot Act that are as evil as portrayed. <INSERT RANDOM DEROGATIVE STATMENT HURR>
  9. Everyone mentions Karl Rove, but never Ed Gillespie? Ed Gillespie did a far greater job campaigning because he was for the entire republican party and look what he did ALL OVER the nation with his volunteer and grassroots programs that he launched. Ed Gillespie> Rove
  10. HeHateMe


    Hmm it says nothing on the NFL website or our districts website about electronics but I've heard stories about people getting disqualified for printing speeches off before rounds but that was for and Oration or something. And how the hell are you going to carry that around?
  11. Uh I went to your website and listened to that noise...and well..it sucks. I hope you're kidding and this is all a joke.
  12. A poem by a debater... Who would've guessed? We can always speak pretty And we're even better dressed. But writing poetry Isn't our strong skill We talk about policies And come up with plans to kill. I've realized that this poem Sucks big horse nuts And we're talking the hairy kind The kind Africans make into huts. But while Greenwald was home Complaining and acting bluish, Alex seemed to have forgot That David's mostly Jewish. Copying thousands of files And carrying a crate We're pissed off Because our round started late. For those of us who suck This season is over It's time to think about 4n6 And find ourselves a good lover. Congress and PFD and more They're all the bomb! No evidence is needed I can just look off my palm. In June some of us will be in Philly (Visiting the Fresh Prince no doubt) While some of us stay here in Kansas Realizing we suck till we pout. But to those going to nationals You know the fight was well fought. Don't flash the wrong gang sign Or else your cracka ass will get shot. Policy is now over For another year So now my Friday nights Can consist of Poker and beer. Yay for Poker and beer!
  13. HeHateMe

    Thank a debater

    Drath...who are you? You PMed me calling me a racist? What?
  14. You guys fight like little bitches. Seriously. This thread was about something kind of funny and turned it into a bitch argument. Stop complaining about the election results too. Welcome to democracy. Your party should've done a better job convincing people and such. It isn't that America is stupid, it is that two people were in the national (and international) eyes, said what they thought, people voted, Kerry lost. GET OVER IT. Why is it that you guys bitch all the last four years about how Bush shouldn't have really won and then when he does win by a decisive amount of votes you bitch about that to. Just stop bitching. Stop warping fun threads.
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