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  1. The "so-called TOC"? Fuck that. I would bet that 95% of serious debaters want to attend this tournament. Don't take away from the work that the 70 teams did to get there. Yes, I agree it may detract away from local circuit but the two are not mutually exclusive. I attended "TOC" tournaments as well as local tournaments and many other top tier debaters have done the same. However, the point I think you are missing is that NOTHING helps to enhance the debate community that you speak of as much as debaters from different parts of the country coming together and doing what they love. All that being said I think you're right that sometimes smaller teams are forgetten but don't ever say that the debaters at the TOC aren't the best in the country because that is blatently wrong.
  2. can all of you kids stop bitching about something random that someone said. not everything is a debate and if some random ass kid posts something fucking stupid just ignore him or make fun of him like we are doing with this post. seriously, go to sleep, jump off a cliff anything more productive with your time then sitting at your computer posting on cross-x about how someone is trying to promote something or whatever the fuck. stevie g and gary s
  3. Isn't this team from Utah? I hear they suck. What's a rowland hall saint marks anyway? Sounds pretty stupid to me
  4. im not really positive what discursive solvency argument you're talking about ill gladly post those cites when i know the arg.
  5. Lexington teams do not all run the same aff. If you would let me know which team you are looking for I could certainly help you out. Let me know. stegnat989@yahoo.com
  6. Congratulations kid!! THIS KID IS THE BALLS!! YES!!! I LOVE HIM.
  7. Lexington will be sending a few teams Lexington GSa (Gnatovich/Savage) Lexington MR (Mei/Ren) Lexington GSt (Gallardo/Sterman) Lexington CH (Huang/Chipalkatti) Lexington KZ (Kim/Zendeh) Lexington CL (Corr/Logan)
  8. Easily my favorite tournament of the year. Enough said.
  9. I got back from this camp a little while ago and I just want to take the oppurtunity to talk this camp up to kids and coaches who will be considering it next year. This camp focuses on what camps should focus on. Training and becoming familiar with the topic and many practice debates. I came late - so in about 11 days of camp I had 13 debates. I don't think any other camp can boast that ratio. In 7 weeks at Michigan I had maybe half of that. Not enough can be said for the instructors of this camp and not much needs to be said. They clearly know what they're doing. Even if you want to go to another camp after this camp is early in the summer and still allows kids to go to DDI. I am expecting this to be one of the major camps next year. Thanks, Stevie Gnatovich
  10. seriously don't mess with frank - i saw him eat a kid. seriously he's crazy. im just lookin out for you sklaroff. ps im pretty sure im the only kid in the country going to berkeley this summer.
  11. Stevie Gnatovich Lexington senior debater 1a/2n i go for whatever
  12. hey friends, we may show up. what westminster teams we talking? and what are the combinations for the good people of gds? I think that all georgia debaters should just go to states. yeah, do that. Love, Steven
  13. i hear lexington might send a team or two...or 17
  14. I was not so much a fan of Mike Jones for about 2 minutes this past summer. But I can't stay mad at him. Love 'Im. Yours Truly, Steven
  15. Yo Yo Yao Yao, i'm not sure if Danners is coming, probably not. We're not sure who's coming yet. You better be in the back of the room for us though.
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