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  1. does anyone know where i might be able to find some cards or a file for the neg of the citizen corps HAM radio aff?
  2. Losing is fine, my purpose with this post is either to make rounds I'm probably going lose somehow more humorous or some tricky wierd way I might be able to win. A funny round or a ballot. either work. (preferably both)
  3. Homewood-Flossmoor RR (Rehn & Rosner) won the novice division on a 2-1 against New Trier.
  4. Does anyone have any Lacan campfiles. I dont really have anything to offer so a donation would be greatly appritiated. Thanks!
  5. Recently I attended a tournament with a novice partner and after the first two rounds I was 1-1. As the pairing came out, I noticed I was facing a REALLY good team who I knew I had no chance against. I still straight up debated and I lost. I always said that if i ever face a team that is a lot better than me I would do something crazy in the round, but I didnt do anything and that saddened me. So my request is this: Please post any humourous or crazy thing you would do or have done in a round where you knew you were completely screwed. To start I will retell a story my coach told me which he witnessed during his debate career: back when the Glenbrooks broke to triples, a team from his school was the 64th or 63th seed meaning they debated the 1st or 2nd seed. they knew they couldnt win straight up debate so they decided to do ins and outs. the 2ac, 1ar was to have no prep time and just read random shit but make sure to hit every flow. this confused the hell out of the 2nc who's speech was also random as a result. then the 2ar used to whole 8 min of prep to formulate something out of all the arguments that was presented. they ended up losing but on a 2-1
  6. woolyml


    I was also looking for some Lacan files, but unfortunately I dont have much to offer so if anyone is so kind as to donate the files, either PM me to send me an email at toughwimp32 (at) gmail.com thanks
  7. woolyml

    New Trier

    Any news about either HoFlo team?
  8. does anyone have or know of a good patriot act abuse story that happened to someone (and is published somewhere). i'm working on a paper for school about removing the patriot act and would find it to be a great way to start it. thanks
  9. From what I understand from the lacan/stavrakakis K is that the aff tries to move toward a world of harmony without the "lack". When they do this, it causes scapegoating and therefore the sacrafice of those people. so what exactly is the alternative for the kritik and why would the perm not solve?
  10. i'm in need of a federalism aff from some camp other than SDI or wake. preferably JDI. email me at "tough wimp 32 at (@) g mail.com" [there are NO spaces in the email. i have a major spam problem and trying to take precautions] email me if willing to trade.
  11. does anyone know or have a card that says that states would want or take authority? i need one for a federalism aff
  12. woolyml

    cls k

    Can someone give me a basic overview of the cls k? What is the basic outline for the cls critique? What is the most common link used and does it claim to turn case?
  13. ya but isnt that abusive because doesnt the plan require imediate implementation
  14. how does the custom sound work? how do you set it?
  15. I was wondering what are some really good ways to answer certain counterplans such as: 1. ConCon cp 2. states cp 3. courts cp 4. friday cp 5. executive order cp 6. pocket-veto cp 7. veto-override cp what are some good ways to respond to those without specific cards on the cps.
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