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    Tidewater 2007

    Yeah, it's worked out great now that they've stopped demanding the human sacrifices. That really made prepping for tournaments a bummer.
  2. jmc_va

    Tidewater 2007

    As far as I know, he's planning to debate... but Karim moves in mysterious ways. You can never be absolutely sure about what he will and won't do.
  3. jmc_va

    Tidewater 2007

    Andy and Colin will be back. Billy will be back but with a new partner... Karim is moving to Richmond.
  4. How are things shaping up for this season in Tidewater?
  5. kempsville will have two varsity teams (wooten-cassidy and somjee-arthur) and two or three jv-novice teams in play next season.
  6. Pennsbury was an enjoyable experience... definitely one of the best-run smaller-scale tournaments I've ever been to. The tournament was what, only 30 seconds behind schedule? Assuming the dates remain relatively static, Kempsville will be heading back next year. John Cowan
  7. Corey, You may remember me... I was helping with the debate team at Oscar Smith last season (please note that I left BEFORE the debacle that was the Regional Tournament) and judged you at a few TDLs. Anyway, I'll be coaching at Kempsville this season and we plan to go to a few out-of-state tournaments. When I coached at KHS in the early 90s, Kempsville, Bayside, and First Colonial sometimes traveled together in order to defray costs. Please throw my contact info your coach's way and maybe we can set up a few trips for the coming season. I would also suggest you guys join the CFL... for the price of membership, you'll get several regular-season tournaments and the chance to advance to NCFL Nationals. J Cowan jmcowan@cox.net
  8. In order to get Sudan to agree to the PKO, the UN capitulated to the stipulation that UN peacekeepers will not step foot in Darfur. Darfur falls under the purview of the AU PKO... and they are doing a horrible job (over a hundred ceasefire violations in the past two months). Sudan was also allowed right of refusal based on the make-up of the UN PKO... and it is already saying it is unhappy with the proposed composition of the force and wants further negotiations. So peacekeeper deployment is at least 6 months away and probably much longer. There are cards out there that Darfurians are dying at a rate of 600 to 3,000 a day, so delay is fatal. There is also excellent evidence that the North-South peace accord actually feeds the violence because it frees up government troops which Khartoum will use in Darfur. As far as the genocide, not genocide argument goes, I think a strong case can be made that the UN is guilty of equivocation... they say Sudan is not committing genocide, but may be committing acts with genocidal intent. There is evidence (and I haven't explored it enough to tell you how strong it is) that the UN would declare genocide if an ICC tribunal affirmed Sudan's intent as genocidal... and the only thing standing in the way of the ICC tribunal is the US. The Congressional delegation that just returned from Darfur continues to label the situation a genocide, says humanitarian aid is not getting to the displaced, and projects the number of casualties is much higher than Sudan, the AU, and the EU are reporting. You may not want to run this case the same way you did a couple of months ago, but it can still be run. jmcowan@cox.net
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