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  1. Wow, i was hoping the europe doesnt take this sitting down and do what they have been doing. France deports its terrorists to canada and england almost freed its terrorists. I hope this shows europe that they need to work harded to fight terrorism.
  2. Art. I, Sec. 9), the Constitution states: "The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in causes of rebellion or invasion of the public safety may require it." On September 24, 1862, Lincoln issued a proclamation unprecedented in American history. He suspended the writ of liberty everywhere in the United States http://www.crf-usa.org/terror/Lincoln.htm
  3. I stand corrected, my point still stands.
  4. I have a spelling disabilty. After 6 years of playing online I dont check my spelling and I dont care much about it.
  5. This should make for an intersting topic. And some stupid T violations...
  6. Dont insult me just because I cant spell. Its not 1 of my talents. Which 1 of the presidents was it that when asked to spell potato he spelled potatoe?
  7. I havent been here sence the night of states. (michigan) I came back because i found out a little info on the new resalution and wanted to share it.
  8. I found that during the civil war Lincoln passed several laws that allow him in time of rebellion or treason to remove some of your rights. The president can suspend Habeas corpus, which means they dont have to tell you what your being charged with or even give you a trial. I think that the Pat. Act uses these laws to stay in effect. You could make the argument that these people have commited treason and are being delt with by those laws. I havent found out if the laws were ever suspended. Still it is kinda intersting.
  9. Im glad Oka won and not groves. It should have been West bloom field though....they did so much and they got called on scetchey stuff....
  10. They run RRF. I jsut saw them and its got like 5 Advs...
  11. Finals is Oak Vs. Groves. I dont know who won but i hope Oak. I think that West Bloomfleild should have won it, they had a 10/0 reccod. Groves was 7/3 and Oak was 5/5. My team beat both of them tho....we just lucked out and went 4/6.....
  12. Thats for the negitive's side, i need AT to a-spec.
  13. I need liek 5 things I could say to A-spec. All i have is like we use all 3 branches. Can i get some help Plz?
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