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  1. are you guys gonna do it again? you could go with the son of nun that you should still have.
  2. the letter of the law Zizek card for a link turn on statism.
  3. Chris likes the state and it's biopolitical influence.
  4. yeah that website just appeared not so long ago. There were a lot of advantages to GMU. I liked that it was small, which meant more one on one time with the staff. I didn't care enough about the camp produced evidence to retrieve the other parts of the evidence, so that wasn't really a probelm for me, especially considering that we had the starter set and affs produced there.
  5. http://server18.lfchosting.com/wdecker/ has the info.
  6. part of it is probably is a dislike of the resolutions themselves. for example, if you really want to debate about animals rights, then you probably would try to not to detain animals without charge. If one did this though, you'd end up talking about T more than animals because it's pretty 'untopical.'
  7. I see an ad for it here. What's going on with it? Who can you contact? Are there any job openings?
  8. actually, she also argues that courts can solve for a ton of different reason like their being an 'external source of normative authority' but on the actual point, yeah a Foucault/Biopower K is a pretty solid strategy. But perhaps the best strategy I have heard of (though never seen in action) is too run the Feminist K of Privacy and do the plan but with 8th Amendment as the grounds. This way you'd basically be advocating the case adv., but you wouldn't link to the K (which would be based off privacy which the 8th amendment isn't.)
  9. BCFL Meta and Lilly Loyola Blakefield High School Warley and Philips Governor Thomas Johnson High School Stephens and Damiba The McDonogh School Cimaglio and Jackson Loyola Blakefield High School Kloc and Jividen Governor Thomas Johnson High School Weingram and Meyers Baltimore City High School
  10. 1. Well this is precisely my point. 'What is straight?' Without being to relativist, I'd say that there are a lot of 'straight' paths. Keeping with what seems to be the 'point' of this thread. I believe a fundamental disagreement over what is 'straight' is a fundamental problem that causes a great deal of 'disrespect'. 2. The point of the thread of this thread seems a bit strange. It uses a specific example as a catalyst for a discussion for a broader discussion of respect in the debate community, but then rejects any discussion of that specific instance. In starting of with a very specific quote (the one i used) and instance, it inevitably becomes framed with this instance in mind. As such, my intent was to use the specific instance to make my broader point, which was precisely what your first point made beautifully, that there is this double stand that says it is respectful for a coach to 'correct' his student, but when the reverse occurs it becomes absolutely 'disrespectful.' My specific point being that it seems that under Mr. Hyland's definition of respect, either both people were disrespectful or, as i put it in my post, both were respectful. Whichever is fine with me. 3. Well first, this point seems irrevelant in that discussion like this one online would be occuring at all (on all sides) at a debate tournament, and that the threat of his being at the back of my debate room is establishing an artifical consequence that again seems irrelevant in determining something as disrespectful. Second, I have enough respect for Mr. Hyland to express to him what I believe is the right path. Third, would you have called me out like this if I were the back of your room? (the point i'm hoping to illustrate is the arbitrary nature of this or that you too would call your judge out) Fourth, I try to stand by my words, so yeah if your arbitrary hypothetical situation occured, I would point out what I see as a misunderstanding that I had hoped would help the situtation. Fifth, I do not see what I said as mouthing off, I literally took his quote and Strauss's already posted, and pointed out the logical conclusion from these 2 quotes. I think it's interesting you have only vaguely touched (the 'what straight is' thing) and did not answered the broader and more specific implications of this. 4. If Mr. Hyland or anyone at all want to contact me in a non-online medium email me at theonionfisher@gmail.com and I will send you my phone number for further discussion. The point being that I am willing to defend my statements in formats that are not online. One last point, I by no means intend(ed) to start up so angry flaming war like that on the last thread, I was just trying to point out what I saw to be an interesting double standard. I am sorry if it came out offensively.
  11. Due to the unfortunate continued public discussion of this , I am compelled to point out the following. Following your own logic, it appears to me that Dan Strauss must respect you a great deal sir.
  12. why? links to everything and has the biggest impacts? the only weak point is the uniqueness, which isn't to hard to find.
  13. the quote wospet had is what i had in mind for uniqueness. the part saying "It is my judgment that the most significant reason why we didn't see a repeat of the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States was because of these efforts in Afghanistan and abroad. It put al-Qaida on the run, so round two was a victory for the United States and its allies," he said." especially emphasizes the idea that our current track has stopped terrorist attacks. I didn't say it was great, but it gets you the postdate you seem to want.
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