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  1. im reallllllyyy hope we can do this.... i relly want to do this im me sometime @ tikrbell716 on AIM
  2. Kennedy T of BT


    hey... im a old debater... im a senior @ kennedy now, and i was wondering if any one could help me get a team going or even going hybrid cuz i really miss debate with all my heart.. my team desserted me about a year ago, and im still heart broken.. debate was the best thing in my life... any assistance please!!!!
  3. Okay.....Im Toni Lona and im a sophmore at Kennedy. I'm finding it very difficult to keep a team together...seeing as we would have solid coaching and only one varsity debater. I have like 2 people going to CDSI for JV. We've put up fliers and NO one seems to be interested in debate at this school. I have no where else to go....its been pushing me to the edge!! Im looking for ANYONE that will help.....Email me at princessitaliana217@yahoo.com or my aim account at tikrbell716 Please!!! Dont let debate die!!!! Much Obliged, Toni Lona
  4. dAMN right!!! This was THE best tourney...despite Kelly...NO I AM SOOO PLAYING!!! i love kelly and it was really fun CONGRATS--Hey at least kennedy BT was 3-2 and JM was 0-2
  5. guess what.. national districts and Kennedy BT was 3-2 and Kennedy JM was 0-2 Damn did i have fun!!! Loved it alot!!!-Toni
  6. hey....i dont want all of the "problems" posted because Kennedy doesn't dislike Kelly at all.....so if any concerns please IM me at tikrbell716 or princessitaliana217 on Yahoo... i'll be more than happy to explain!!!
  7. You dont have to apologize for something your TEAM does! Thats very polite and mature of you, but no one is blaming the Kelly TEAM... just some of their stupid debaters. -Much LOVE-tink
  8. DAMN!! i read this and the whole team couldn't stop laughing! lol That was great!! Nice burn! Much love to the Kelly debaters... not all of it is geared toward you.... alot of you are cool! But i have to admit that was a sweet burn!! LMAO!!! HAHAHA
  9. i didn't mean in it in a sense that said that someone didn't honestly win...but i know that he is a AWESOME debater and he has been screwed over in the past and he has lost speaks and tourneys because of it....no disrespect intended...srry if it came off that way
  10. Um a little fix.....Hope T in the Quater-finals defeated Kennedy J ( Joanna Bednarz) Just thought i'd give a revision P.S. Aaron Davis has been soo screwed over in the CDL it's not even funny!!!
  11. This is TOOOO funny!!! I find this sooo funny. Thank you, by the way, for the compliment!! And when Les has to get involved, that's when you know you messed up. HAHHAHAHAHA. Now, don't get me wrong, i love most of the Kelly guys alot!! But, you get what's comin to you. ~Tough luck guys P.S. well if the message said basically.....we know who that is.........
  12. okay, Tuttle wants to know if you can find out from your coach can find out if any other CPS schools are going. ~~Much obliged ~The Kennedy Team
  13. Hey, Tuttle asked why 3 teams? He also asked if you know any other CPS schools who will be attending. He also added that you need to find a partner for cranium. (Meet us in our hotel room) ~Toni
  14. Hey!! Im a Kennedy Debater ~(Tink) Im a liitle one ( not to be misunderstood~varsity) so if you want any info on Kennedy's Debate Team for next year, you can get in touch with me: princessitaliana217@yahoo.com or AIM tikrbell716. I'll be more than happy t o assist...lol. Its a Coincidence that you take interst in Kennedy or Kelly. Our rivialry is famous i guess. I love the Kelly team. I actually envy them because our team is soo small that we're not an actual "team" I envy the unity they have together. ....forgive the rambling. AND Kennedy intends on going to Districts. Hope to see you there. p.s. CONGRATS TO KELLY AJ AT REGIONALS.....i voted aff just for the record -Tink
  15. Morgan Park can totally kick ass. When Aaron Davis just walks past me....i get chills. I went against him in a round and i thought i was gonna die.
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