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  1. Dunagan, Fremont, and Eilts will be judging. I, Dunagan, don't know how many rounds due to work.
  2. Well maybe you should try and qualify for TOC. Ya know, I don't always see eye to eye with the team that is going to TOC PFD, but I will stand up for our school, for the fact again you prove my point, that your arrogance makes you superior to every other school. While the PFD team may have been contacted, I do not really know, I do know that I qualified and earned my spot at TOC. Would it hurt you too much as to wish fellow Kansas team luck at a National Tournament, they are representing Kansas as well as NEM.
  3. I know this doesn't deserve a specific thread but before i could reply in my own defense was shut down so im taking a whole thread to do so. 1. For my extemp skills at NFL. There was no reason I couldn't have lost and not gotten into finals, but instead I beat Rinker in round 4 to get the 1 in the room to get me into semis. While semi's isn't all that great, this is what I have you know. I went into finals in first place, over all the FXers there. Meaning I earned my spot fare and square. The top 6 FXers just happen to be those 6. 4 qualifying in team events, they are just talented people, there is no doubt about it. I was runner up my first year doing forensics, by passing most every one out there. I worked my a** off to get where I am. I'm sorry you disagree with my NQ spot, but in defense, I actually earned mine by being in the top two, unlike my colleague who got hers by default. (I am by no means bashing her, because she is good, just proving my point). 2. My record speaks for its self. Breaking in every tournament for the last 14 tourneys. Considering I've only done this 15 times. TOC are the best of the best and I made it, I also qualified in NCFL. It was ugly but I did. I earned my spots at every tourney and I earned every bit of that NQ bid for NFL. 3. Ettya and I? We missed something here. Someone please claify. 4. My congratulations to everyone who will be going to Philly with me. I know it is late but, better late than never. 5. Anyone has anything to try and say behind my back, say it to my face, and at least give your argumentation some basis on fact... This could possibly be why you are horrible at debate, you make up stuff that sounds good in your head. Later, Raider
  4. Sunflower District I.E. National Qualifier’s and Standings FX 1. Brad Papineau - Andover (Policy) 2. Dunagan- NEM (NQ) 3. Rinker WEast (PFD) 4. Sibaai NEM (NQ) 5. Robinson NEM (PFD) 6. Agnew NEM (PFD) 7. Zhou Campus 8. Kapaun DX 1- Woolfred (WEast) (NQ) 2- Rickard (?) (NQ) 3- Grant Brazill (WNW) 4- Grabbitz (BC) 5- White (Andover) 6- Hooker (ACHS) HI 1. Zach Rich (WNW) 2. Elena Fiero (Campus) 3. ? 4. Brandon Clark (Heights) More later……
  5. Some one bring a Video Camera. Ettya doing LD debate, that would be great entertainment. But to Ettya, bet of luck to you if you do it! Later Raider
  6. Hey how do I get ahold of Jeff?! I need to know this!
  7. I went to SDI Last year and had a blast. If you have any questions about SDI I will be glad to answer them. You can reach me on AIM: JackassFencer SDI WAS THE SHIT!
  8. I'm going to say SDI, but I'm a little bias, I went to SDI last year and loved it. But i'm also possibly going to be working there this summer so ya know...its up to you! Whatever the choice I'm sure you will love it. Each camp has its own unique things to offer.
  9. LD: Goddard 2 WNEM 4 (ALRIGHT NEM IS BRINGING 4) WNW 2 Andover 1 Campus 1 East 4 PFD: WNEM 4 FX: WNEM 4 NW 2 DX: WNEM 2 WNW 4 (5 if they can get it) DUO: WNEM 2 HI: WNW 2 O.O. WNEM 2 DI: WNW 1 WNEM 2 WE NEED MORE PEOPLE THAN THIS!
  10. LD: Goddard 2 WNEM 3 WNW 2 Andover 1 Campus 1 East 4 PFD: WNEM 4 FX: WNEM 4 NW 2 DX: WNEM 2 WNW 4 (5 if they can get it) DUO: WNEM 2 HI: WNW 2 O.O. WNEM 2 DI: WNW 1 WNEM 2 WE NEED MORE PEOPLE THAN THIS!
  11. I don't think you can get more than 4 in any one event. And each school is only allowed to fill so many slots, meaning that you can't take 4 in every event unless the other schools fill up their slorts. Pushing for 5 DXers will be hard to nearly impossible. But I'm sure you'll coach will ask about it. Good Luck to it.
  12. Raider

    A big congrats

    I shall 2nd that congratulations! Hope you enjoy it! Good luck to you man!
  13. Raider


    At-Large doesn't require an actual bid from a tournament. Its simply a submission of record and why you should be allowed to attend, and then they decide if you are good enough to compete. The only "bid" you get is where they want you to come.
  14. Who? Saad Colter (I don't know if he is going) Some other kid... I can't remember his name. Thats the entirty of our LD squad.
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