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  1. i wana judge, how come i was not contacted? i mean i am alumni
  2. Gritzmaker and schneider qualified in OO contrats to you 2, you were really good...
  3. ill be going in OO so will john miko, but no one really cares, lol, JP john
  4. its not, but it is technically by law considered treason to say US currency is worthless like he did. treason is not just giving aid and comfort to enemies, its doing anythign against the US Gov't, and saying there money is worthless is a way of doing that im not sure why your saying this, what i say is actually true currency is anythign the US gov't backs with monetary value, and T-notes are backed by the US
  5. everythign bush has done also can, in one way or another, be justified. about the treason thing tho, i hate to say it but technically bush has committed treason. see american currency is backed by the full weight of the Gov't and it is considered treason to say it is not worth what it is labeled. in a speach abotu social security bush talked about the SS bonds in the US treasure just being worthless pieces of paper sitting there, when he said that he technically did commit treason...but who cares, no ones gonna get him on that. and again, no one will impeach bush, the democrats cant even back a censure let alone full on impeachment
  6. it still remains tho that he wont be impeached...no one is actually in congress standing up for such a thing...i mean democrats couldnt even get the bawlz to back a censure let alone impeachment
  7. they had a champ division originally planned, but canceled it...instead of collapsing it into the rest of the tourney and without saying anything me and fellow people from my and other schools went to the tourney for no reason...i would have broke in OO...had a 2 and a 1... on a good note...my IDO team (i was the coach of this squad) of J.Mikolajick, S.Shaffe, Eddie ??? took 2ND!!!!! go team!!!!!!!
  8. im totally with you there nick, on the better parts of gratuation is comming back to judge on those who you know are lower than you were, lol...or higher in some cases...thats irrelevant, lol
  9. luke qualified in congress? WTF!?! your 2nd go at congress isnt suppose to go THAT good, lol good job man
  10. most poeple dont, but i have the right to my opinions so there they are
  11. oh come one, i expected someone to bash the hell out of my post...whats up with this...all i get is a eye roll, from a texan none the less...i would quote full metal jacket but its overdone
  12. im going to be honest...why is this such a bad idea? what exactly is wrong with cheney...most poeple in this thread blaim bush for violating the constitution (which is in itself debatable) but what do you have against cheney. and Note: saying he shot a man dosent work, it was an accident and another thing, i personally dont want to see a democrat in the house, senate, or president. if i have to choose between communist or facist im going facist...least then i dont get socialised health care and smell like canadians and have bad teeth like the french. i dont wana see PETA outlaw my favorite foods. i dont wana see guns outlawed at all. and i suport South Dakota's ban on abortion unless it saves a life. i realise most teen's (which is the majority in these forums) are liberal but these are my opinions, so take that pinko commies
  13. nick...did you really start a thread because of the Info thing? i mean ya i got screwed on the whole performance thing as well, but still... and by the way, i pulled of performance at Augusta...i consider that wichita :-D
  14. the whole time i read about this case one thought comes to mind: how many people are actually affected? and FYI the records are public as is, so wheres the inherency? i could go online and look at public records...
  15. true that, is it too late to fail and come back?
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