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  1. Mubarek totally got Cairowned
  2. Hard to believe this thread hasn't been created yet. Packers vs. Steelers 2 of the most storied franchises in the league. 1 Team has most superbowl wins, the other has the most overall championships (when counting pre-superbowl days) No team has any huge advantage over the other. The packers are more equipped in the pass game while the Steelers have the edge in the run. 2 hard hitting and tough defenses. This game is shaping up to be one for the ages. My call? Packers-20 Steelers-16 It will more than likely come down to a final drive with a pick to seal the victory for the green and gold.
  3. I still have no idea who will win the superbowl, but nearly every single game this weekend is going to be hard hitting and great to watch. No two teams hate each other at the level the Steelers-Ravens do. There will be blood on the field...again. I doubt the final combined score will break 20. The Jets-Pats matchup is another solid rivalry, although the Pats did trounce the Jets last time they met. The Packers-Falcons game is going to be another one that stays close. Although, the Packers are a completely different team now that a solid runningback has been found (Starks) After struggling to even flirt with the 100 total rushing yard mark all season, Starks had a break away game of over 120 yeards against a normally solid front four. The Seahawks wont strike gold twice. Not against Urlacher and co. That game should hopefully set up a great NFC championship game between the Bears and the Packers. Which, being a Packer fan, I am going to go ahead and pick the Pack. Aaron Rodgers and co. would be 2-0 against the bears were it not for a record high penalties in the beginning of the season meetup. Rodgers is better than Cutler. Our kicker/punter can keep it away from Hester. Our receiving core is better. Our secondary is better. They have an edge in the run game, but not by much anymore. Forte just hasn't been getting the touches like he needs to be effective. I feel like the AFC picture is a little more straight forward. The Pats seem to be the best team in the AFC and probably the entire league. I think the Pats can beat both the Ravens and the Steers, especially one week after they get done beating the shit out of eachother. That leaves the Patriots against Greenbay. I am going to reserve my pick for who wins this game until after this week plays out when I get a chance to see the Patriots play at playoff level.
  4. See I don't buy that argument that they are just "overrated". I keep hearing people say that but then when they face a formidable opponent, they beat the expectations. Consistently. Like I said, I am on the fence when it comes to ranking those two teams. I am looking at the arguments presented by both sides, and so far, the pro-Boise crowd is winning the debate especially after Oregon States win over a very good Arkansas team that gave Alabama a run for their money.
  5. So, the new AP rankings are pretty interesting. I still don't know what to think of Boise or TCU. I think they deserve to be where they are. Both teams have done exactly what everyone said they had to do if they wanted a top 5 ranking. Ohio is appropriately ranked as the #1 team. Part of me thinks Oregon should be 3 behind Boise with TCU coming in at 4. Obviously, as a husker fan, I am happy with being ranked 5th. I really dont see a reason for us being higher at this point, maybe later on in the season if we stay consistent. I am also not sure how I feel about Bama being 8th. Part of me thinks it doesn't feel right having them out of the top 5 another part looks at the 14 point difference against SC and thinks they are right where they should be. I am curious as to what others think about Boise and TCU, if they are over or underrated. My thoughts really could go either way at this point.
  6. Great football games today. Michigan St over Michigan. SC over bama. LSU wins in a nail biter over Florida. Oregon St upsetting Arizona. Overall a good day to just sit and watch some football.
  7. Im not trying to say the Big 12 is one of the best conferences. I never try and rate conferences from best to worst anyways, it doesn't matter. I am arguing that the Big 12 has talented teams. Mizzou is ranked for a reason. They beat a pretty good Illinois team that held their own against Ohio. They aren't a great team but there is talent there.
  8. Since when did Texas being unranked make the Big 12 "suck for sure?" Missouri, Nebraska, OK State, and Oklahoma are all undefeated and ranked. (Tied with the Big 10 for most undefeated teams in a conference) Baylor is playing some of their best ball they have played in years. Granted, that still isn't great but they did receive some votes to be ranked. K-State had someone (before last night) that was in the Heisman talk. None of this matters as this is really the last year that the Big 12 will be relevant, but to say the conference sucks right now just because you dont have an undefeated Texas team is really just conveniently avoiding whats happening on the field.
  9. Texans-Packers My pick from the AFC used to be the Chargers and well...that doesn't look like it will turn out so well.
  10. Because Obama told them to and then ordered a predator drone to blow up the rig.
  11. Cuse, Rutgers, and Maryland do not add more eyeballs than Nebraska. You are right, there isn't a large media market here but I wouldn't be surprised if Nebraska's national following was larger than all three of those schools combined. Also, just because those schools have large media markets in their states, doesn't mean people turn on their television there to watch some classic Maryland football. Lastly, Nebraska is the 4th most profitable school in college football, behind Texas, Notre Dame, and Penn State. The guys that make these business decisions are much smarter than you, if Maryland would have been a better choice, they would have got the nod. Get over it.
  12. We will see if they actually double their TV checks. That is assumming the Big XII network is something that is actually successful. When the football in the Big XII is nothing but "Who is Texas or Oklahoma going to beat this weekend?" Also, if the conference continues to become more and more of a Joke, you might see the Big XII lose their BCS bid. (If the BCS even exists at this point) My point is that for every school other than UT and OU, this was a bad deal.
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