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  1. suejo

    mental health...

    C'mon, there's GOTTA be an Aff. on this floating out there somewhere. Right?
  2. Can anyone think back to the mental health topic and give me some authors/credible articles/any information about poverty/mental illness, the harms associated with homeless people that have mental disorders, and being poor/homeless as it relates to having a mental disorder? Maybe something about mental hospitals closing down due to lack of funds as well?
  3. suejo

    Kanye West

    I'm pretty sure Eugene Levy is in fact "the man"
  4. suejo

    Kanye West

    I heard Kanye West sucks. And Jay-Z.
  5. better than fat pants music
  6. you'd better play all the things i like.
  7. I hate emo's like Kelby hates gay people. 1. Emo is a choice. You aren't born emo. 2. I believe being emo is a sin, but that we should try to bring emo's closer to God. We should reach out to them and show them the error of their ways. 3. I support civil unions for emo kids, but there's no reason to let them marry. I mean, do we honestly need more EMOTION in America today?
  8. suejo


    That's right. Get tough with him. If you don't show him whose boss, they'll never learn.
  9. suejo

    people in florida

    does anyone know of a mr. sanjey savinesan who resides in orlando? i will probably have some questions soon that i would like to ask him if possible. Maybe he has a SN on here? any help would be appreciated. He's good at congress...i saw him at nats. somebody give me somethin.
  10. Whoever is pretending to be david maxson should, you know, not do that.
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