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  1. Well, this year LHS put together a detention affirmative revolving around a particular 48 hour rule. As for the frontlines, I recently just made a Foucault frontline and I could only make a few analytical answers. I'm not sure if this is because of my ineptitude when it comes to the Foucault K or because the K itself doesn't really offer up any good no linkts or link turns. In the end, we're still asking for the government to protect our rights. I was thinking of making a few "It shouldn't be viewed as 'protecting' but more like 'restricting' the govn." but I doubt that would go anywhere. And in the end, most of the K's I've found involve a link story of going through the govn. which is bad. And because I can't really argue that we're not going through the govn., they win that link. So, I'm looking at the internal links for the K's, which I think are more vulenerable, and the no alternative and perm. arguements. I have carded arguements for each of them, but I'm unable to think of more than 1-2 analytical responses. And therein lies my problem.
  2. Alright, we've made some of our 2AC's. I was assigned the K's and it seems as if everything is going fine...now. But, since I have nothing to compare our K fronlines to, I can't really tell how adequate they are. So, have any suggestions when making a K frontline? Saegar tried "educating" us on the issue but his time was cut short due to Mr. Heywood's ability to make time go "poof". Here is what we have now: Foucault Norm. Rights Talk CLS Have any hints on other K's to make frontlines to? We haven't made anything against Cap. arguements or Fem. but we do have some evidence against them. I have alot of "carded" answers but what I really want is some short analiticals, that'd be great...
  3. The B part of BS is still here. Wyatt had told me you had made a threat about Lakeside...it's about damn time. I usually roam the speffic argument areas of the board and rarely do I even venture down into "The South", mostly because I'm terrified by all of those Lincoln county debaters (You know who you are...). But it is good to hear you have faith in us, or just maybe Wyatt? But as far the debating is going, we placed 5th at Westminster, so that sucked. And I'm scared to death of Varsity, mostly because of the lack of knowledgable seniors leading us. We just don't have anyone to turn to. Heywood is trying to help out though. He's trying his best to keep preasure off of us, with comments such as "Well, you're pretty much our only hope." and others things of that ilk. Isn't he just great? I kid...I kid... Now that I think about it, maybe we could use this thread for channeling help towards LHS BS. I'm sure we could really use the advice. Oh, and I've joined the Libertarian Party (Well, not actually "joined", but plan on when the option arises) and me and Wyatt are planning some great tax day protests and maybe even a few critiques of the school's administration.
  4. Its a very simple solution really. Just privatize all schools, get rid of the silly regulations that interfer with teaching, and stop making kids attend school.
  5. And where exactly can I find this case? I've heard of it yes, but I've never had the pleasure of actually reading through it. If the entire case if found on the web, please supply a link.
  6. Not exactly sure if this fits this forum, but since Foucault seems to be a major player in this years resolution, I see it fit to explain exactly who this man was and his philosophies. From what I read, his major accomplishments dealing with civil liberties revolve around prisoners. But I don't exactly understand how this can be used. Please, do explain...
  7. Ohhsweetconcord


    Any idea what the best strategies against these are? I ran into these a week back and had no idea what it was or how to beat it. Seems pretty easy to beat, I just need the right strat.
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