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  1. you sound like a homophobe
  2. what did i tell you? huh? what did i tell you? you're fucking hard headed!!!!!! stfu!!!!! and gtfo!!!! I told you, you were warned you fucking dumb ass!!!! keep that shit out of here!!!! now since you can't play right go find somewhere else to play
  3. you heard wrong. who is this they?
  4. There will be no bashing here
  5. what does this tournement and Reganomics have in common?
  6. I won't be at dowling unless I'm judging F.Y.I. I graduated in may and i now attend OU. Missouri circuit is what it is I'm not bashing it I just never felt like I belonged there as much as I do on the national circuit. Hope you enjoyed the book and especially all of the funny parts that happened outside of the debate rounds and the all seeing eyes of jane rinehart lol
  7. not to be rude or anything, but you post in alot of threads that joe and I post in so who are you? do I know you/ and if not, should I?
  8. if you read the book or the reviews it states that Joe started off as just a professional who was only to observe but he became involve, and so with that my answer is both, but more along the lines to change the world and views upon the hidden society of debate as we know it.
  9. no the profits will go to the "Geoffery O. Stone needs funding to get his poor ass through college" fund lol jk
  10. In a town that was called the new murder capital, where violence, drugs and thieves lurk aroud every corner, where oppressed are further marginalized and the oppressors are further dehumanized, where the average life span of a black male is 30, and schools are no better than crack houses.......one team, with one goal, and one mission dare to over come all odds and change the world.... yes people i got my new book Cross -x by Joe miller and it is the shit!!!!! everyone should go out and buy this book it hit the shelves oct 3 get it or stay ontologically damned in this institution this book has gotten starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews, five stars from OK! Magazine and a B+ from Entertainment Weekly (should'a been an A+). Plus Joe's gonna be on NPR's Talk of the Nation on October 31 on holloween people!!! trick or treat that shit!!!! and to all of you who say fuck that I aint buying this... don't make an ass out of yourselves and look back ten years later saying "damn what a fool I was not to own a copy of the best Amercian Story ever" that means you Mr. Cat Stevens!!!!
  11. in all honesty I had no intention of debating but my coach told me I wasn't gonna make it to the N.F.L. and to stick with debate for a couple of tourneys and if I din't like it she would find me somewhere else that is more promising than debate to go. Plus she also promised me that she would show me the world I've been to Azerbajain and China I'd say she hasn't let me down. That's just me though. Promising kids free food, a chance to travel, and to be heard works too.
  12. because the tournaments mentioned have all had me there LOL
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