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  1. I still can't believe you lost to Raif, Hunter, you should have picked it up so I could judge Varsity Finals Either way, congratz to the guys that picked up in JV Finals. They did an excellent job and I'm glad at least one of the other two judges in the room wasn't an idiot. *Coughjayreynoldscough*
  2. So Ima post this again because I kinda want to go Someone should hire me for Whitman <3
  3. So for the sake of reviving a thread, my ego, and the fact that I still want to go.. Someone should hire me for Whitman <3<3<3
  4. So for the sake of reviving a thread, my ego, and wanting to judge Whitman, Ima post again. Someone hire me for Whitman <3
  5. Pocatello should hire me for Whitman <3
  6. Any of you east side schools need judging? I'm looking for some judging opportunities to have something to do/make money.
  7. If this is fact on the East side, schools should hire me *cough*
  8. I'm "supposed" to debate, like I was this year. Whether I do or not...lol.
  9. Shit defined; Anything out of the ordinary that is hilarious and will piss off any coach. And that kid is black, it's just sympathy.
  10. School Size forced Mountain Home to B District. Also, I'm bored, it's 4am, I can't sleep, and I want to revive old threads. Jake and Parker didn't debate at the end of the season for a couple of reasons. Jake went bid hunting somewhat, from what I understand, and I talked to Parker at districts and was told that Jake was busy and unable to attend districts for the 2nd year in a row (and putting Parker with a different partner, as the 4th seed, and not breaking again). I still think they deserve spots on the list, especially since Parker is only a Junior.
  11. Both Millers and Kaiser are actually very legit. I've given them ballots based on beating West Side teams because they knew how to debate. They're very good at adapting paradigms, and I don't regret picking them up. Also, I believe Joey and Hunter could take any West Side team this year, in all honesty, especially on the policy level. Their Counterplan and Politics analysis is Top Notch in my opinion, and they're very fun to watch (IE Finals at Hillcrest was hilarious). Also, Max and his partner (I can't remember his name) from Boise are very good on the K. I was saddened that they dropped to BK at NFL Qualifiers on a 2-1 decision (With me being the sit out...) because they clearly understood the literature, how it linked, and what they had to do to win the round. Max is also a very funny guy, as is Tyler Guryan. Chaz is by far the most fun to watch. The shit he pulls in round will always leave you laughing and with a smile on your face.
  12. The Mountain Home team is Raif Armstrong/Melodie Lekketman (sp?). I see Parker got screwed AGAIN because of Jake lol
  13. Bryan Rich - Pocatello, Idaho Policy Debate at Mountain Home High School for 4 years (2004-2008) Currently looking to Judge tournaments because I enjoy the atmosphere. I go to school at Idaho State University where I should be doing policy debate, but I'm lazy, although I should be next year. I can also judge for the Boise area if given notice/interest in advance. Phone: (208) 283 6120 Email(s): bronzeriderlink at yahoo dot com richbrya at isu dot edu
  14. Speaker points ARE actually given. However, it's irrelevant as every 6-0 and 5-1 team breaks, with 4-2s barely squeezing in and being the Alts - so essentially, the already good 4-2 teams are alts based on speaker points. There's 4 seeds in Idaho Districts; 1, 2, 3, 4. Each school has as follows: 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4 Up to six teams in districts. There's 2 seperate tournaments happening; The 1's and 4's and the 2's and 3's. This is to help ensure that all the best teams in Idaho get to State, while the best of the middle SHOULD make it. 2s will hits 3s, 1s will hit 4s every time. Overall, it's really stupid. There's no breaks.
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