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  1. I would assume they are competing in varsity, they competed in varsity at the Meadows.
  2. Jenny, Thank you for raising this issue. I've noticed it as well and it is something that concerns me a great deal. I am personally reticent to yell "clear" throughout someone's entire speech. It seems to overpower their speech somehow, but it doesn't mean I'm not paying attention. My personal perspective on this issue is if I know you are clipping cards a) your speaks will be tanked and you will not get the benefit of whatever highlighting you have put in the card But I agree this alone doesn't fix the issue. I think communicating concerns of this level to coaches (as well as debaters) is critical, because at the end of the day those are the people that work with these teams consistently, and that is necessary for change. My teams know, from a very early stage, that clipping cards is unacceptable. If I were positive a team was clipping cards, I would not hesitate to nuke their speaks, only count the parts of the card they actually read, and talk to their coach later. All three of these actions are necessary to ensure these practices don't continue. The first two punish them in the round, the last makes sure they hear about it later. That said, I've had my hunches before, and have not been able to follow through. I like the tape recorder idea, as it lends back up to one's suspicions...but I don't think shame enough solves the problem. I think that it is only effective if it is reflected in speaker points and wins/losses. You're right, it's time to have this conversation in high school. Thank you for starting it.
  3. I guess I just don't see the theoretical benefit of an ACP. You're going to get into a messy theory debate, same as if you run an intrinsic perm, but you don't get the offense that an intrinsic perm offers. Seems that you would still have to defend something that most judges won't buy as legit, and as a bonus the ACP is weaker than the I-Perm would be.
  4. Just a small correction here. You don't concede the offense, you concede the defense. For example, spending is turned, but they also read evidence that the impact is inevitable/the DA is non-unique. You concede the inevitability/uniqueness args as a reason they can't access the turns. Unless there is an RVI/K on it, you don't need to kick T. You should also probably make analysis as to why they 2AR can't access a perm if you're kicking out of a counterplan.
  5. Dude, I know. I think some people are taking the use of the word "infamous" way too seriously. It's meant to be a compliment. I promise.
  6. It's not silly. It's called not breaking brackets, and it's standard procedure at almost every tournament I've ever been to. It ensures that prelim performances dictate the bracket and no special consideration is given to larger schools that break multiple teams. Wouldn't it be worse if you were say the 2 seed, and were supposed to hit the 15 seed, only to find that the 15 seed was now someone else who had actually cleared higher in order to protect that squad's ability to have mutliple teams in later outrounds? That said, props to everyone for breaking and a good tournament. Personal shout out to Basil and Mahjeed for rocking, and Portage Northern for the bid. Nice job!
  7. I just have to ask, who voted to uphold the constitution?
  8. Competes via net benefits, and fiat assumes your plan happens immediately.* *I'm not defending delay counterplans as legit. I think they are theoretically atrocious.
  9. Re-read this. It's the only advice you need.
  10. Just meant I was looking for someone to email/PM me off the public boards. That has occurred, I believe I emailed Zane back a bit ago. Thanks.
  11. slcathena

    ATTN: Brophy

    Can someone backchannel me? Either PM me here or shoot an email to slcathena (at) gmail.com? Gracias. (Cross-Posted in National Circuit, not sure where they will most likely see it.)
  12. Can someone backchannel me? Either pm me here or email to: slcathena (at) gmail.com Thanks.
  13. 2NR went for case. Disease/terror take outs and soft power turns.
  14. OMG. That was the best laugh I've had in weeks. Thank you!
  15. I signed up for the class, listened to the spiel and was totally hooked.
  16. Well, considering we just labeled their Army a terrorist organization, I don't think it's ironic so much as tit for tat.
  17. See if you can find a partner who will work on policy independently with you. Go to camp. If you have the option, transfer. I don't say this because I believe high school debate is necessary for a good college career, I think it's helpful, but not necessary. I say this because you get a very limited amount of years to do policy debate. Use all of them to the best of your ability. I'm still regretting the years I didn't debate in college after we didn't have a program.
  18. It's an interesting question, and there is certainly a symbiotic relationship there. Do you have any students who were very involved in forensics that could speak to the board? I know for a fact that the reason I succeeded rapidly in college (ie, As on my first papers type of thing) was debate. I also took lots of APs and what not, but the knowledge of how to research and critically evaluate positions was not taught in any other class. I was a classic over achiever in highschool. Lots of activities. If debate had just been another activity and not a class, I don't know that I would have been able to do it. Getting successful former members of your class to make similar statements could be very beneficial. Any chance we can see the document you wrote up? I'd love to save it for the day in the future when I have to justify my class.
  19. No. I'm not kidding. Iraq isn't a very attractive place for PMCs without the might of the US military backing it up. Additionally, what private contractor X does with his time is not my concern, I'm not voting for it. Finally, the oil/security situation is lost and has been from the start. If we had enough clout to replace tribal leaders with private corp heads we would have done so with many troops on the ground...do you think that somehow gets easier if troops are pulled out?
  20. Do you have a cite on that? I haven't seen anything indicating that even PMCs would be in Iraq at that level after troop withdrawal...
  21. No promise of *total* withdrawal. I'm equally frustrated, but I think there is a difference between a shadow force on the ground to protect an Embassay and 180,000 troops. I was personally much more concerned with Hillary's vote for the Kyl-Lieberman Ammendment yesterday that designated the Iranian Republican Guard (ie, their ARMY) as a terrorist group. Read: Green Light for Bush to invade Iran. My favorite moment last night was Edwards calling her out on not having learned anything from her AUMF vote. Which was completely true.
  22. It was posted a couple days ago in the Greenhill thread.
  23. Nice job, Manuel. That's awesome! Serious props to CPS as well, Tyler and Leo rock. Congrats to all.
  24. You should try and track down Izzy Blackman-Biatch from CPS, she's there and I think she'd like to debate still.
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