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  1. I'm a novice in the National Forensics league this months topic in policy is "Outsourcing jobs helps the U.S. economy" If me and partner lose the coin toss we're basically screwed unless we do something to the coin we use or get evidance that says outsourcing DOES help our economy so do you have any suggestions on where I should go?
  2. Funny how even though Ohio lost more jobs then any other state Bush still got Ohio Evidently Christians believe that banning gay marriage and abortion (which the people who do this will go to other countries to do it anyway) are more important then: The school budget cuts causing our childern to get stupider and stupider Reforming the "No Child Left Behind Act" so it's properly funded and doesn't overstress childern with unfair tests that don't mean shit Stopping the outsourcing of jobs to countries that hate us The war in Iraq that we're fighting for with no cause Stopping rich people from destroying the environment The rising gas prices(which are caused in part by Republicans depending on the terrorist harboring nation of Saudi Arabia for oil) The failing health care system and... The struggling middle class (which the true irony is that most christians are in the middle class) then again christians have had their lips wrapped the cocks of republicans for years
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