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    im vegan, ive lived in potatoeville idaho almost all my life. I'm a co-captain of the team and third year.
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  1. Do you have any hilcrest or skyline flows???/
  2. oh thats really to bad... do you know if there is any website or anyway i could find out where the nearest team is to moscow? if you could tell me that i would really appreciate it, thank you tara
  3. ive been searching on the internet for the past couple of hours trying to figure out which school i want to go to next year. all of the high schools ive been seeing dont look like they have debate teams. if anyone lives in Latah County, or knows if there are any debate teams in the Moscow area, please tell me!!! thanks, tara
  4. if different people keep on repeting them each time obviously they are still considered pertinent in this discussion again... anyone that is strong minded will not become psychologicallly dependent... you didnt answer what i said. i dont see the answers, and yeah i have read it. ive been smoking for about a year, but what does that really matter? if it was gonna affect it, it would have been affected by now, at least a little bitt eating meat can decrease your sperm count too... a decrease in fertility isnt a reason to outlaw it, maybe a reason to chose not to use it, but not a reason to make it illegal... try a better reason to convince us i thought you were talking about paranoia when your not stoned... but anyway, obviously your gonna be paranoid about someone noticing, its illegal and socially unacceptable...you would be paranoid about getting caught doing anything illegal... duh?? you havent refuted half of the arguments in here with viable arguments, the only thing youve done is call people dumbasses which proves nothing but the fact that you can stoop to the level of name calling. ive heard lots of good and bad reasons why it should be legallized, and lots of reasons why not. im not saying that it should be legallized or not, i just think you need to stop being an ass. could you please just give the post numbers of these 30+ unanswered arguments, because i dont beleive you, and obvioulsy if no one bothered to answer them, they were such crappy arguments they werent worth wasting the time. besides there are several arguments that you havent answered either. chill out and just answer what people argue instead of calling them iditos what the hell is that supposed to mean??
  5. dood... dont listen to caleb anyways... he thinks hes sooo much better than everyone else and he is so narrow minded he wont even attempt to help you guys put together a good plan
  6. its official... mtn home is bringing: erin martin/ tara brandenburg jared barr/ eric adamson jillian McCune/ cami pachner caleb durrence/harold williford AND we're sharing a buss w/centenial... no idea who they're bringing tho
  7. 1.anyone that is strong minded will not become psychologicallly dependent; you can tell when your life is getting fucked up, you can tell when you're crossing over the line... 2. insomnia?? i fall asleep all the time when im stoned... sometimes i have to take caffeine pills to stay awake 3.possible permanent brain damage-- who cares?? its never even that much if at all... some of the smartest debators i know smoke at least 2 times a week. 4. asthma-- i've had asthma for fucking ever... i never have problems... sometimes i cough but who dosent??? my asthma hasent gotten worse since i started smoking at all 5. infertility--why would you want to be fertile anyways?? that way you have less of a chance of going out and fucking when your getting pregnant and getting some chick pregnant... besides... you KNOW all the stoners that have a bunch of kids 6. paranoia-- whatever... when you get stoned you calm right down... im bipolar and all fucked up... i started smoking about a year ago and i havent been nearly as paranoid as i used to be. FLOYDIAN: you need to chill out and stop calling everyone idiots... there are more people opposed to you than with you so obviously your not winning... let the people who just step in here and havent really been following it be the judge... besides... calling someone a poser or to immature to know what they're talking about isnt any kind of a warrant anyways... shit like that dosent get you anywhere... your the one making this thread stupid by dragging in personal insults... you wanted an intellectual debate and anyone that trys to talk to you, you just tell them to shut up and try to make them feel like losers AND dont try and accuse me of not knowing what im talking about... ive been folllowing this thread since it was like 2 pages long... i just never felt like posting NOTE: on friday i got stoned before a debate round and we won it sooo kick ass... ran 2 kritiks and shit...it was grand
  8. first thing i have to say is: this forum was supposed to be about animal testing...not eating animals 1. elephants burrry there dead 2. what is your defintion of culture? 3. we are considered animals scientifically and we have culture. now here are some things we have in common: 1. we can both experience pain 2. we both have the same basic senses 3. we both have conciousness 4. animals share empathy for eachother... there was an expirement preformed on monkeys where they had 2 monkeys and food infront of them, when one monkey would reach for the food the other one would be electrically shocked and the monkey's wouldnt shock eachother and went for several days without eating in order to spare eachother from pain... is that not empathy? "the question is not, can they reason? nor can they talk? but, can they suffer?" -jeremy bentham if you ask any vegetarain/vegan they most likely will not advocate that animals should have equal rights... i realize that they can't hold a job or have a house... but the thing i defintitely will advocate is that animals have an equal right to LIFE and to NOT BE TORTURED. i realize that animals aren't as mentally capable, but would you eat a mentaly retarted human? or spray perfume in his/her eyes just to see how much it hurts? if you spray perfume on a tree it wont cry or shudder or try to bite you... trees dont have brains or centeral nervous systems and how many people have you heard advocate tree rights??? by saying things like "when you give animals rights, what's next? Trees?" you are just throwing up a sheild to protect your ways. that is one of the most rediculous statements in this thread caleb, the truth can change a person, do you know how many people i have helped become vegan/vegitarian? so far, at least 15, the other day a girl came up to me in the hall and told me that she decided to become a vegitarian after i had shown her some literature last year. that is in real world, if you present the facts well, you might not even win the round, but im sure you could get a judge or oponents thinking afterwords. no shit dumb ass, that is why some people feel morally obligated to represent them they kritiks are the only part that is moronic bullshit... the real philosophy is a LOT different than we twist it to link, so before you knock it, read teh book you can keep your views, some people just dont appreciate shallow postings. well, back then im sure some people would have dis-agreed with you and said blacks were less than human. animals might be mentally and physically inferior but that dosent mean its right for us to torture them. that makes tons of sense... mad cow disease??? im sure you could find a card on it. 1. consumption of animals is not a requirment for humanity. ive been a vegitarian for 2 years and im healthy, its possible... there are some people who ahve been vegitarians their whole lives 2. we are not talking malthus here... we can talk about it again in class... its refreshing to get kicked out of class so we can go somewhere else and argue. NOW im just gonna list several reasons why vegitarianism is good for the planet and everyone: 1. it takes 12 pounds of plants to make 1 pound of your hamburger 2. the other 11 pounds are made into excriment wich pollutes the water, and the earth. 3. those 11 pounds could be fed instead to directly to the hunger... this would be a huge ass surplus of food and it could feed the hungry... 4. 12 acres of rain forest are cut down each day for land to grow animals on 5. if we weren't feeding that 12/1 pounds of food to animals we wouldnt need as much food, thus eliminating the need to expand crop space into forests 6. now we dont have to cut down the forest for animal space either 7. you cant get mad cow disease if you arent eating cow 8. red meat=heart disease; its been proven that becoming vegitarian actually decreases your chances of getting it 9. 2% of vegitarians are obese and 45%(depending on which study you look at maybe more) of the general american public are obese. i cant think of anything else right off the top of myhead right now, and if you dont beleive me on these facts ill give you the source and you can look yourself.
  9. CALEB: you might not agree with it but that dosent mean its idiotic
  10. WRONG!! i beleive that you seriously need to re-evalute your view on things, or actualy evaluate it at all would be a good step. look at any kritik alternative card... the philosophy in any of them that you chose to look at explains how in round kritik can solve real world problems. this case is completely realistic. you say that it would cause utter chaos on the system, but when slavery was abolished THAT caused utter chaos on the system, but was that bad? did it seem like a realistic and economically wise thing to do at the time? of course not, but it happened because they knew it was the right thing to do. what if in the begining before human evolution occured there was a super species that liked to test things on inferior beings and they decided to test things on our ancestor, the cave man? what if we didnt evolve after that? what if our race was exterminated? and would you agree that because they weren't of equal inteligence as we are today that they had less of a right to live? would you say that they couldn't feel teh pain anyways? humans evolved from animals, the primates whom scientist spray perfume in their eyes just to see if it hurts, are our closest syblings. one might even say they are just at an earlier stage of evolution than us. its like vivisecting a little kid with downs syndrome. Sorry for going of the subject of the intention of this thread, but yeah, i still think there i totally ground for a case like this and props to anyone that writes one.
  11. i know how to answer it, but it's not for me, it's for my novies. it certainly isnt probable that they would lose a round soley to inherency, but if anyone has any cards that update the inherency it would be appreciated.
  12. i need rdf inherency updates for my litle novies. i have an ass load of goodness to trade so email me at runningnakedatmidnight@yahoo.com plzzzzz, peace, -tara
  13. it is completly feasible in the real world... completely, and i beleive animal testing SHOULD be banned. w/the testing on humyns, it is allowed only with CONSENT... lets do a little comparison, did the scientist in nazi germany have the right to do testing upon their subjects?? the nazis considered the jews to be less than humyn and less worthy of life such as ass hole animal testers consider animals to be less worthy of life. you might argue that animals are less competent than humyns, have less brain capacity(which is questionable), and arent able to speak w/us, but neither do mentaly retarted people, should we preform cruel expirements upon mentally retarted people?? i think not.
  14. well i have the empire kritik which is the same thing as the un=world gov da
  15. i suggest you write your own, it dosent take that long and it works soooo much better in round.
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