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    I'll be short and to the point, even though Im tall and irrelevant

    I play guitar, I like 20th century warfare, Im about as consistent as an anomole and my personality is seen so too, Im a radical pessimist even though I like to think otherwise.
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  1. Well it certainly would be an easy way to make 28,000 dollars.
  2. wierdest debate story I have was actually cool. When I went to Whitman, I sat down next to this guy who had an onion, and he just sat there sniffing it, it was so weird, but cool. So I started talking to him and he was just sniffing the onion like it was crack, and then started to talk about how he wanted to grow the worlds largest onion/pumpkin. I didnt catch the guys name though.
  3. "T violation = you" "Id like to see how fast your fiat can pass through my congress." those are my favorites.
  4. Id want to use pictures in round just so they can see what Im trying to say. For example, one time I was going against landmines and they said that humanitarian trucks were not going to be able to get into the city to provide relief because landmines block them off. I wanted to show them that there wasnt just a ton of landmines in an absolute circle around the city. Roadside landmines I can agree with, but those arent topical because they are talking about mines in the ground (air mines!!!!). Plus it would come in handy for a games judge too. If you were showing your case you could draw the uniqueness (soldiers standing around) the link (the plan going into action) and then the impact (explosions going off in the small city and stick figures being blown into the air to represent nuclear war). Kudos to Charles W. for the idea.
  5. group arguements together. It saves time and is very effective. Lets take for example, advantages. "A. We solve for armed conflict. B. conflict between nations stops with our plan. C. Warring factions stop fighting." You could group all of those together by saying "In those 3 advantages, they all mention stopping war/conflict, well I say..." and then you give your response. A good hint is try to write all your responses during the speeches. Take some downtime to prep some more, but when they are reading the card, be writing down responses. Be sure to make clear what you are saying, and be fast at the same time.
  6. It was that CP concerning running criminals through a landmine field. The great thing is that there is very rare ways you can turn it properly.
  7. our fifth round, it was confusing. Because Im aware of the situation if we get a really crappy team, we didnt break, and if we get a really good team, we broke. Well.. 1 person was crappy, and the other person was good. I completely called him on his mom in the C-X on the Rwanda genocide. Dillon didnt approve of it. I pretty much handed him a card in C-X that I didnt read at all, and he took it as legit, saying that the US caused the UN to back out of the Rwanda case, even though he didnt read the rest of the card, he still took it. Still good though, at least I had fun, thats about all that matters. Stan if you want to help me with that CP, tell me.
  8. Well I had some fun. Even though we got judge raped in our first round (comms=communists). First round, bless those fresh novies for not knowing a thing, but when you drop 1 T, 2 DA's and 4 blocks on solvency, and WIN, there is no justice. My second round with opponents Ma and Horn, turned out to be very fun. I will admit that this was one of the rounds where I had to actually think about what I was gonna say and pre-empt everything. They put up a good fight and eventually it turned into a games round because we were having fun (except Dillon), they did a solvency attack dump, we hit it all but we didnt hit enough so that left us open ended. They were very good, so props to them Other than that we got raped. Horrendously. I dont know how our 4th round turned out because our judge flowed on a computer and I think we won it anyway. Our streak was 3-2 and we lost our first two rounds. Pretty good still. I had fun, thats essentially all that matters. Went into states of depression on the way home after finding out about our first round. But it was still fun. Yes bryan, I do have a problem with you posting in pink.
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=19270&item=5535890757&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW thats the link to the ebay auction. Its at 7600 now and there are 3 days left for the bidding. Place now people and soon, you can have... a really funky sandwich..
  10. Well Bryan, here's a T for you. Concept. youre not being very topical on my topicality because you do not allow for me to present it in the manner it is supposed to. A concept. I told you I was still working on it, and now that I have the proper amount of firepower behind me, Im finishing it right now.
  11. well it cant blow out of my ass worse than that dump I took. I didnt run it, they were running AIDS. But I need to revise it still. Everyone really doesnt understand what a "concept" is. Its a good T, I just need to work on it.
  12. rofl. thats funny. Mr. Sarcasto = 0%, cause that was really funny. I like things that are short and to the point, and looking past the sexual pun, you'll actually see what Im getting at. Anyway [on-topic] Im already packed for Hillcrest. Now just gotta find a ride. I finished my T, so Im gonna run it tonight to see how well it will blow out of my ass at Hillcrest.
  13. Funding and money are words you throw into a debate and lie about it so you can hopefully blindsight the judge in the disclosure after the round. Best arguement Ive had over funding: me: we garunteed funding opponent: but you never said where it was gonna pass through congress me: that would be our fiat opponent: but you arent specifying which branch its going through me: do we have to? opponent: no... me: werent you talking about funding? This was in the round where our opponents only ran a T.
  14. haha thats some classic stuff. I would use a more profound word but Im in class right now. It is amazing though, you can call these people crazy but they do have some proof to back it up. but theyre still crazy...
  15. Case dumps are fun, but their monotony gets on my nerves. I do admit I make dumps like I took a laxative after eating something off of a Taco Bell value menu, but just how they read them is horrible, because right in the middle of their dump, they would go back to off case, and read a card there. But the thing is, they wouldnt label ANYTHING. This is my own personal experience, so Im hoping Hillcrest isnt that bad.
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