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  1. Find out everything you've ever wanted to know about the missing plane. http://gds14.wikispaces.com/Evidence
  2. The pre-institute Topicality file for the Hoya Spartan Scholars is now available for download. It can be found here: http://gds14.wikispaces.com/Evidence
  3. A couple more files / lesson plans have been posted: -- Elections -- Politics -- "Transportation Rationality" K Enjoy!
  4. The Hoya-Spartan camps have finished our pre-camp topicality file. We have also completed some lesson plans that might be relevant for those beginning to map-out curriculum for summer labs. More lesson plans are on the way. The files and lesson plans are publicly available and can be found at either: http://pads.paperlessdebate.com/sdi/Site%20Pages/Home.aspx OR http://georgetowndebateseminar.wikispaces.com/ Best, Casey
  5. October 19, 2011 Dear Colleague: On behalf of Michigan State University, we are pleased to invite you to the 2011 Spartan Classic Debate Tournament. It will be held on the campus of MSU on Friday and Saturday, December 9-10, 2011. We will offer both junior varsity and varsity divisions. We do not offer a novice division. Method of Entry The deadline for submitting entries is Monday, December 5th, 2011. If possible, please send a preliminary entry estimate by Monday, November 14 so that we can calculate space requirements. In the event that the tournament reaches capacity, entries will be accepted in the order they were received. In the last few years, many schools have emailed us their information after this date. While we understand that some situations require last minute changes, we would ask that all schools please try and get their entries in on time. Not having accurate information a few days in advance makes it difficult for us to plan schedules and acquire all necessary materials to make the tournament run on time. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate late entries. IMPORTANT CHANGE: This year, there will be a $10 per team fee for all teams dropped after this Monday deadline. Please email all entries to debate@msu.edu. Please indicate in the email header that the email is about the Spartan Classic. You should receive a confirmation of your entry within 24 hours. Completed entries must include: *Name of the school *Name of the coach *Phone number and email address where you can be reached *Full names of the debaters on each team *The division each team should be entered in *Names of judges and the number of rounds they are committed to judge *How many judges you would like to hire through the tournament *How many vehicles you are bringing (and will need parking for) PLEASE NOTE: We discourage the entry of “maverick†debaters – any such entries will not be allowed to compete in elimination rounds. A Note on Arrival Times Registration will begin at 3:30 on Friday, with pairings released at 4:00 and the first round beginning at 4:30. There are classes taking place in Wells Hall on that date, and we will not have classrooms available for student use until 4pm. Please do not arrive at Wells Hall prior to the start of registration. Tournament Format The annual debate topic, focusing on space exploration, will be used. The format for each debate will include 8 minute constructives, 3 minute cross examination periods, 5 minute rebuttals, and 8 minutes of preparation time. Each two-person team is expected to debate both affirmative and negative. We cannot accept entries from four person teams where two of the team members only debate affirmative and two only debate negative. We will offer five rounds of preliminary competition. The fifth debate will be flip for sides. Varsity will clear to quarterfinals, and JV will clear to either finals or semifinals depending on the number of entries. Tournament Fees There is an entry fee of $50 for each two-person team. This fee covers the cost of building use, trophies, parking permits, refreshments for a coach’s lounge, and staffing expenses incurred by the tab room. Judging Requirements Each school must either bring qualified judges with them or purchase judging from the tournament. Schools must cover half of a full judging commitment for each two-person team entered or a full commitment for two teams. Given the unequal number of preliminary rounds, half of a commitment will be three rounds of judging and a full commitment will be five rounds of judging during the preliminary debates. All judges are committed one round beyond the round in which the team they are judging for is eliminated. Thus, all judges are committed through the first elimination round. If your teams are eliminated in the quarterfinals, all of the people judging for your school are committed through the semifinals, etc. Hired judging is available through the tournament for $75 for each uncovered team. If you need to hire judges, please make sure to notify us in advance so we can plan accordingly. The $75 is for each uncovered team, not for each full unit of judging. For example, if your school entered 5 teams and provided one full commitment judge, the fee to hire out judging would be $225 ($75 x 3 uncovered teams). If you entered 2 teams and have no judge, the fee would be $150 ($75 x 2 uncovered teams). Lodging For your convenience we have reserved a block of rooms and negotiated a special tournament rate. The University Quality Inn, located at 3121 East Grand River Avenue, is offering a rate of $78 per room (plus tax). This includes complementary internet, parking, and breakfast. A mix of kings and doubles is available. Reservations can be made by calling 517-351-6220. Please ask for the MSU Debate room block. More information on the hotel can be found at http://www.universityqualityinn.com/ Thanks for considering the 2011 Spartan Classic Debate Tournament! We look forward to seeing you in East Lansing. Sincerely, Casey Harrigan Director of Debate 2011 Spartan Classic Debate Tournament Tentative Schedule Friday, December 19 3:30-4:00 Registration at Wells Hall, 1st floor of C Wing 4:00 Pairings for Rounds 1 and 2 4:30 p.m. Round 1 6:00 Round 2 7:30 p.m. Dinner Break (food for sale in Wells) 7:45 Pairings for Round 3 8:15 p.m. Round 3 Saturday, December 10 8:00 a.m. Pairing Released for round 4 8:30 a.m. Round 4 10:30 Pairings for Round 5 11:00 a.m. Round 5 (food for sale in Wells following this round) 1:00 p.m. Awards Assembly 1:45 p.m. Open quarterfinals/JV semis or finals (depending on number of teams) 3:45 p.m. Open semifinals/JV finals (if necessary) 6 p.m. Open finals
  6. Evidence from the research wave is added: Theory Core, Space Colonization Core, Privatization Counterplan, and a Russian Aerospace Disad are now available here: http://www.georgiadebateinstitutes.org/page/evidence-packet
  7. Useful camp files, lectures, and practice speeches are being posted on the GDI wiki, here: http://georgiadebateinstitute.wikispaces.com/
  8. Even more files --- now the SKFTA Politics DA and a Spending DA. GDI begins tomorrow --- check back later for updates, files, videotaped lectures, and more.
  9. Topicality and the Security K have been posted. Even more coming soon!
  10. Several have been posted here: http://www.georgiadebateinstitutes.org/page/evidence-packet -- Constellation Aff -- Constellation Neg -- Politics Links More are coming soon, so check back again later in the week.
  11. Constellation Neg is posted. http://www.georgiadebateinstitutes.org/page/evidence-packet
  12. The first two files of our pre-camp evidence packet have been posted. They are: --Politics links (both general and covering a variety of specific cases) --Constellation Affirmative Check back often: we'll be posting several more files in the next week! http://www.georgiadebateinstitutes.org/page/evidence-packet
  13. I feel a little silly even acknowledging this, but its important for me to say that Pitt is a fine choice for anyone considering debate in college and that you need to look no further than the current coach, Paul Johnson, to find excellent leadership and one of the best debate minds I know. I'd be happy to talk with any prospective students about it, but as far as I'm concerned its a non-issue that won't impact the long history of success at Pitt.
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