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  1. Congratulations to everyone on a great tournament! Special congratulations to West Bloomfield, South Lyon, and McBain on their State Championships!
  2. Similar decision to Libgober. UChicago or UMich honors (I'm instate so it is MUCH cheaper). I also will also be accepting a place on the Princeton waitlist. Tell me what you decide john.
  3. In case anyone was curious. Novi was on the neg in the D1 final. The 2NR was Disease Securitization K and case. The 2AR said global warming impact turn on the India Deal DA outweighed the impact to the K.
  4. Good luck to everyone tomorrow. It's sure to be a blast!
  5. Nick, on the PL 480 (food for peace aff), do you overturn all of PL 480?
  6. The State Finals are coming up. I've created this thread to discuss anything and everything that has to do with the tournament. Let the games begin.
  7. I think these repeat topics (topics that were recently college topics but are now High School Topics) such as energy unfairly disadvantage smaller schools that don't have access to the relatively recent research that has already been conducted by college debaters. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that a team that a larger program with coaches or assistant coaches that have debated the energy topic makes the research burden must easier on the high school debaters. I guess I don't understand why they aren't enough new and innovative topics with literature that we haven't had on the college or high school circuit (at least in the past 10-15 years). Not that energy isn't a great topic, because I think it is an incredibly relevant topic with a huge upside. The problem lies in the lost education (which is what debate should be about, or so I've heard). Some debaters will surely rely heavily on college archives and not do their own research. A new topic would force high schoolers to do at least some topic specific research and would force them to think of new and innovative cases and negative strategies.
  8. Of course international fiat o/ws T. I mean what is the neg going to say "you were untopical so I had to run the CP". That's obviously a lie. The truth is that the fact that international CPs exist forced the aff to be untopical in order to have a US key warrant. Your CP is proof that only way for the aff to win is to be slightly untopical (ie. Gag Rule, IPR (patents), Landmines etc...). Theory is the only real way to win an aff round.
  9. India Deal! Did someone say India Deal. Oh, best argument ever. Don't you realize that it impact turns ever advantage. God knows why, but it does. Oh and its not unique (won't pass in India), plus uniqueness overwhelms link (Congress will definitely pass it). How cool is that? How many arguments can you say are both non-unique and have uniqueness overwhelm? Just One. That's why it's sweet. But like I said I might run something else maybe. Oh and Maria, KATO, Ethics, and Politics are real arguments. ASPEC IS NOT!!!!
  10. I'm Going (Like Dexter already said). I might even run some different arguments (or I might not, I don't really know). So it's going to be really exciting. Never get tired of debate...
  11. Separate Divisions! That's amazing! Well done Groves!
  12. Remember the days when we didn't have to combine JV and Varsity divisions at every tournament. What ever happened to those days? Alas...
  13. Novi and Forest Hills are also in the Great Lakes (Michigan).
  14. It's so good that it has taken over every single regional forum. Well done Brad!
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