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  1. and at bvn jared zuckerman and slavoj zizek are debating together
  2. Agamben would work well against people who talk about the citizen in their 1ac...it would have been better before the topic was reworded though
  3. lolz good teams only read the K!!!!!!!!!
  4. And by the way, I was trying to be helpful, I asked you a series of questions that seemed to me to be particularly pressing to answer before you ran the affirmative...and you ignored them. Closing your eyes to all criticism in favor of blindly pursuing your particular academic and sociopolitical goals is not a particularly openminded or revolutionary way of going about changing debate
  5. But policymaking wasn't people "misapplying" a literature base- it was people breaking away from a normative understanding of the role of debate. It's not that I, or anyone else here for that matter, think(s) that attempting to "end" sovereign control isn't a good way to spend a debate, it's that this is probably not a particularly articulate or academically consistent way of going about it.
  6. I guess it doesn't really make sense to me how you and your partner becoming "heroic rebels" solves biopolitics? How does your 1ac subvert power, what about its presentation is uniquely "rebellious"? And if you were to become heroic rebels, a pair of people to be revered as part of the "tradition" of debate, wouldn't that ultimately just result in people trying to become like you? How does that avoid normative control? Furthermore, how does asking for a ballot work to expose institutions of power? It seems like, rather than being revolutionary, you'd merely be acting like the liberal West, trying to conceal your will to power by openly expressing disdain for a particular method of representation. I'm not trying to be mean, I just don't really see how this aff is particularly constructive in the sense of refiguring the political. I think the best way to overcome biopolitics in an affirmative that's anti-rez would be to come up with a way to access the strike at yourself zizek evidence, although what that internal link would be I don't know.
  7. it's from rev @ the gates, and to take a wild stab at it, i remember it being somewhere in the 270s as far as page #s go, sorry if that doesn't help but i don't have access to an electronic copy
  8. if zuckermans debating for mission valley, does this mean no more bvn framework blocks
  10. I haven't read alot of St. Augustine, not because he's not trendy (I read Badiou before I ever heard of him in a debate context), but regardless I'd be curious to hear what his thoughts on the question are, could you expand a little more, or point me in the direction of his literature on the topic? And from what little I do know of him, wouldn't he assume that being-in-excess to be divine, i.e. God?
  11. Matthew, on the order of your line of thought here, I was just curious if you'd read any of Alain Badiou's work regarding that particular problem? He says, as I understand it, that while language is able to cause a split in being, being is always in excess of language, meaning that the question "what is" arises from a "form" of thought thought that always already appears before the language that dictates it. Any thoughts or comments you have on this line of reasoning would be great to hear.
  12. I'm pretty sure blackstar could take both of these fools out back and whoop their asses
  13. In my three years of debate and (occassionally) forensics, I don't think there's anyone that I've had more fun with than Stenger. Probably my favorite memory of Sean was this year when we went to Greenhill, and O'Connor and I just got worked, and after our last round I was feeling pretty frustrated, so Stenger and I invented a new argument that we still have yet to unveil; perm: we win. The entire van ride back from Dallas was basically spent with us yelling perm we win and giving each other high fives, which pretty much pissed off everyone else in the van. My other favorite memory of Steng is when we were at Caucus my sophomore year, and he just could not get enough of the song Love is Like Oxygen. We were on our way back from the first day of the tournament, and he had it cranked up all the way in the van, and we pulled up to a stop light and he just flung the door open and started singing it at the guy next to us, who rolled down his window so he could hear Stenger's melodious voice. Finally and most hilariously, I remember at Iowa, also during my sophomore year, when we were eating dinner after the tournament and Stenger and Summers both go, "He-hey Stucky and Manville" and as both coaches turn their heads, Matt and Sean give each other this triple high five and just crack up. Stenger, it's been a good time for the last four years, thanks for making debate something that I could really enjoy and for being such a good friend
  14. I think there is a fairly obvious break in Zizek's work between a period where he focused more on psychoanalysis, as evidenced in say, The Ticklish Subject as opposed to simply being critical of the United States and capitalism in newer books like Iraq:The Borrowed Kettle, although both "periods" include strong elements of the others. And Borrowed Kettle had some ideas that I hadn't seen previously from Zizek, and that was from 2004
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