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  1. thanks guys. I'm supposed to help research this novice case and its been pissing me off. Oh well. You've all been a great help.
  2. What is this case and how the hell is it topical???
  3. idge

    Iraq neg

    Does anyone have a neg file to this year's Iraq case. I just need something basic for my novices. I'll trade what I've got (nothin' great) for it. This would be really sweet. Thanx a bunch. e-mail me at: judde4@yahoo.com
  4. yeah, the fact that Area 51 exists (and that they have aliens) proves the USFG's authority
  5. Okay, here ya go. http://www.greaterthings.com/News/ET/DanBurisch/essays/Michael_Salla040410.htm
  6. I'm confused. What is the actual case, like plan-text or whatever
  7. I'd like it, too. Thanx. judde4@yahoo.com
  8. Rammstein - Du Hast Shadows Fall - Crushing Belial Demon Hunter - Screams of the Undead
  9. what's "deconstruct the state" ?
  10. I have districts on saturday and I seriously need some aff answers to UN bad and Overstretch. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. My email is judde4@yahoo.com. Thanks a bunch. P.S. If anyone wants evidence from me know that I don't have much but I'll do what I can. Thanks again.
  11. idge


    what do want for it?
  12. i ran a meade 98 in round once and afterwards the judge yelled at me. it was pretty sweet.
  13. Does anyone know where I can get aff answers to the russian relations DA and the overstretch DA? Any help would be grrrrreatly appreciated. Thanx.
  14. ok, so what about an aff that created a new police organization whose sole purpose was to watch all other authritative bodies and make sure that they don't infringe on anyones civil liberties. It's probably a dumb idea, but lemme know what you think.
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