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  1. sup guyz this is the newalliance of timmi sand test1027 aka christopher elizabeth cheng - we r planning on taking the glenbrooks by storm and also running the oily disadvantage - peaceo ut to: aj aj aj and cheng chen ohy eah tony ge klets talk we are thinking about making at triumvirate hold up d- doels anybod want to particupate in the timmis nad chris cheng public forum"? u basically argue and then whoever wins getes some $ and shi.. by the way can anybody hepl us undestand the oil mechanics disadvnatage? k we r going to ork on our new case - the law of the seas peace out aj
  2. sup guyz can anybody tell us about this oily disadvantage i heard it hast o do with offshore oil and somehow paecekeepers use oil to make their cars oily so that their mechanics run smoother and somehow this makes the automechanics get out of work killing of all things the supermarket industry how diz works we aren't sure so we was wondering if u all could pitch in and help the army peace out shout out to: aj aj aj and cheng chen
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