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  1. So the Denver East team that dropped in Rd 13 of Policy (same round that QW dropped) was Will van Treuren and Alex Eppler...attendees of JEDI 2005 I believe.
  2. Haha, I thought for a second that you said Ark City (AC) broke in extemp and PFD. Good luck to all of the Kansans at NFL. I'm sure you will represent the state well
  3. Just so you know, if this is from AfterHours Formalwear...if you read the small print on the scratch card, it says that you're guaranteed at least $20 off. Your odds of winning any more than that are pretty slim, though.
  4. NAME: Jimmy Chen SCHOOL: Stanford University MAJOR: Dunno, probably Econ/Psych/Pre-Law DEBATING: No
  5. One of those Ks should probably be fem.
  6. The thing with staying up late is, you can say "I won't go to sleep until I finish this frontline." If the frontline takes longer than you expected, you would lose some sleep, but at least you'd get the frontline done. If you tried to wake up early to do it, you'd have to skip some school or be late to your tournament to finish the frontline. It's not like sleep matters anyway. You can sleep on Saturday night after debate.
  7. Congrats to everyone and good luck on Saturday. Especially to Andrew Jack and Jamie Wenke...M&M lab, represent.
  8. Sean Kennedy is a total (b)baller. So is Jason Regnier but that's a different story.
  9. Look into JEDI (3-week camp at KU). I went for the first time this past summer, and I completely regret not going there in years past. I can absolutely say that I learned a lot, and I feel like I improved in every aspect of debate - technical, theoretical, kritikal, policy, speed, communication, research, all of it. Not to mention, being from ONorth, you'll make friends at JEDI that you'll see at tournaments throughout the season, which will make debate a lot more enjoyable. Feel free to PM me for more info or if you have any questions
  10. CP: repeal the Patriot Act? NBs = all of the advantages you could claim in a normal repeal patriot act 1AC. any additional patriot act bad stuff.
  11. The problem is, your interp justifies a counterplan of do aff plan except have Bill Gates fund it, or something like that. It absolutely kills predictability because if the plan/counterplan can use any US citizen as an agent, you'd have to have lit on everybody, instead of just the three branches. Hell, there might be an argument to be made (probably kritikal) that the neg team's use of fiat to basically undermine the democratic process is uniquely bad... I realize it would somewhat link to fiating Congress, but it might work if you had some links regarding forcing elections/referendums in particular.
  12. The difference here is that Congress/SC are the USFG, while the electorate (unless you define it weirdly) are clearly not. The USFG has a resolutional basis, while random non-government people do not. My interpretation of negative fiat has always been that the CP should only get to fiat what the 1AC was allowed to, for reasons of fairness and ground.
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