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  1. yeah.. something requiring women to sign up for selective service could be interesting if you could guarantee that they increased enlistment or whatever the topic is. but i'm done with hs debate, so whatever.yay college.
  2. Princeton LS was 9-3 in prelims and dropped in round 9 to Denver East. Princeton PS was 8-4 in prelims and also dropped in round 9. Wooster was 7-5
  3. holy shitttt! i love greta!!!! i wish i would have applied to msu....
  4. yeah, princeton's out. our novii decided debate isn't important or something. which means i don't get to go either.. tear
  5. I don't really know what my novice are running. Probaby either our case or Haiti.
  6. dave, it was Princeton LS in Quarters. HW went out in Octos to Cville
  7. SDI 4 Week was the best decision I ever made. It took me from shitty 2nd-year to NFLs (not TOCs, but I was really shitty in my 2nd year) 3rd-year senior. Who could complain about a staff including Greta Stahl, Dave Strauss, Will Repko, Charles Olney, etc? Just start packing now.
  8. No matter what, go to 4 week. 2 and 3 aren't nearly as good. 4 week's staff is way better. For the most part, quality of debaters is better. It's more fun. A ton more, and a lot of better evidence, and a higher probability you can get the 5th week's ev from people that went there, even if you don't. I was in Clark-Olney-Stahl last year, and they're all phehom. Staff on the 4 week with people like Olney (top speaker NDT), Greta and Dave (NDT winners), Repko (MSU Coach), Mahony (...anarchist), and other people who I don't remember or care as much about is great. Especially if you get in the top lab, or Repko/Strauss lab. So good.
  9. 5. Jake Liscow (Princeton) 9. Kyle Sutton (Princeton) Princeton LS (me) beat the Perry team and dropped to Wooster. Don't worry I got those corrections. Oh andI think Wolfe/Grewal were 7/8 and Janna was 6 or somethin.
  10. If people make fun of me, I don't care what they think. People that make fun of me have worthless opinions to me, unless it's actually constructive criticism. I don't consider that constructive.
  11. He doesn't bother me, he can't bother me. It's impossible. I don't care what he thinks. /end
  12. You're sure she's going to five week? I talk to her every day, she's in like 4 of my classes, and I wasn't aware of that.
  13. yeah but the fact that you took that much time to think of an insult for a simple typo is kinda.. well, nevermind. sjj*, sorry.
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