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  1. Reccomendation: A couple years ago, we shipped our tubs to Dallas w/ UPS, and we flew down. There were no problems, and they were already there at the hotel when we arrived. If you're driving, you still could do this too.
  2. This is a horrible card. It has no warrants or explanations at all, just a bunch of claims...i'm hoping this card was posted in jest, because you can't seriously think its good
  3. What are some good analytical arguments to make, and does anyone know of or have good generic carded responses to winners win, basically that it is not true, or is overrated, etc. thanks
  4. Yeah this round is GBN v. RHSM Nick & Evan v. SMW If GBN wins, then finals is set since they are undefeated still, but there will be another round before finals if they lose this round. Best of Luck to Nick and Evan; you guys seem to have been doing a hell of a job. Way to represent for Missouri; would love it if you guys made finals.
  5. you debate in missouri: learn to adapt
  6. Borders/Shapiro is one of the first things that comes to my mind.
  7. it didnt exist on the civil liberties topic, and that was never really a huge issue, so no
  8. yeah, i may have been pissed reading some of this stuff, but i def am not letting what Dylan said affect my day or something-it's just really annoying to come on here and see extremely unwarranted, false, and stupid shit said on here that involves me-i dont post on here a whole whole lot-so sometimes i feel a response is necessary.
  9. -i dont normally get mad at people, but dude, that judge, was A. homophobic when we ran DADT-it was quite clear on the ballot, because it didnt mention any real issues in the round, not like there were any to begin with B. the judge, was an interp. coach, of a supposed "circuit team", chesterton, that really isn't that great. C. did you not see the flow. im sorry, but we kicked the shit out of you guys when all you made was two T's and a bunch of analytics where we had several page blocks to each argument, and the 1NR totally repeated the 2NC. D. Plus, you guys flowed sideways on ur paper, nuff said.
  10. beyond just debate itself, i know that there are many qualified college judges in Missouri, but another part of the problem is that alot of former decent debaters from Missouri lack the ability to come back and judge because of college. Alot are only home for breaks, and there are usually only a small handful of oppurtunities to judge then. granted tho, the bigger issue is with the often undeserved,bad reputation given to college debaters by alot of the coaching community and some of the debate community as well, but i think that the judging pool might improve if it was just easier and more feasible for those going to college outside of MO to come back, it's just one of those problem that really has no solution; these people just need to be encouraged to judge when they can during breaks.
  11. LAMEST THREAD EVER. Dylan, why would u threaten someone with violence on a debate forum-wtf, honestly get some sense here. As offended as you may be by Sharon's opinion, dont respond back with OH I'LL KILL YOU-makes you look stupid. Also, when did a Pville team ever legitimately beat Matt and I last year-we hit Pattonville at least 10 times last year, and I only recall one loss in which ANWR politics was straight up conceded in 2AC-but we then beat your other two teams in Sems and Finals to win that same tournament. Even the year before then when i sucked, I lost to Pattonville twice the whole year. And, even if Pville had some wins against "the better teams" you have to look at your school's overall record against those teams, and against matt and I, it was about 1-12. I don't have a problem with Pattonville in general, and for the most part, I like several of the people currently on the squad-but when you make comments like you have on this thread, that are simply a ton of BS and generally ignorant, it gives you and your whole team/squad a bad reputation-which isnt deserving. Sharon, although you may disagree with him, is entitled to his own opinion, and Sharon, i realize that this kid is annoying you-but honestly, you dont have to respond to him, it's probably not even worth a response, but i guess when you get fed up you have to say somthing. Just let him talk his talk-it's inconsequential.
  12. downtown Stl may be dangerous, but the suburbs/West County are still safe, affluent, and a good place to live.
  13. thx for the input everyone, that was all more along the lines of what i was looking for.
  14. i dont think that answers it tho, i mean, thats the argument you can and probably should make that fiat assumes implementation, but i want arguments beyond that i guess, besides the whole counter interp. counter standards
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