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  1. Hmmm, yea I probably should have looked at that closer before I grabbed it and put it up.
  2. Yea, that's what I meant dude. Thanks for clarifying everything I said.
  3. A topicality shell would go something like this (I took it off an online source): A. Definition: Authority: “The power to enforce laws.” Dictionary.com 2005. B. Violation: The affirmative does not reduce the Federal Government’s ability to enforce laws. [Here you might want insert more specific infor on more inround context] C. Standards: 1. Bright line: The negative draws a bright line between what is and what is not topical. 2. Ground: The affirmative explodes the ground by not being subject to changing laws but instead having the ability to change anything within the realm of government. D. Voters: 1. Topicality is an a priori issue and must be voted on before any other issue can be determined. 2. Jurisdiction-Just like a judge in a courtroom can not vote on a case not in thier jurisdiction neither can you vote on the affirmative pan.
  4. I have a lot of overviews I write in a format like this: A. Magnitude B. Probablity C. Timeframe It's not always the best, but it works for me.
  5. At the thousandth you get a custom title and a bigger custom avatar.
  6. I was told that it was Timmon's little sister Timmons. (Go figure) And yea, i think i put down BVW instead of BVNW. @ Greg-sorry, they didn't announce names.
  7. Oh and sweeps were 1) SME 2) Shawnee Heights 3) STA
  8. Just in case anyone is interested, no names were stated during ceremony though, so I only did what I knew. Novice 4th Seed STA 4-1 Timmons/????? (AFF) Vs 2nd Seed ONW 4-1 Haynes/Thies (NEG) 1st Seed SME 5-0 Wilson/Schrunk (AFF) Vs 3rd Seed ONW 4-1 Patterson/Miller (NEG) 4th Place teams mentioned: Shawnee Heights, Olathe North, Shawnee Heights, and BVN JV: 4th Seed ON (AFF) VS 1st Seed Shawnee Heights (NEG) 3rd Seed SME (AFF) Vs 2nd Seed Shawnee Heights (NEG) 4th Place teams mentioned: BVW Lawrence ONW SME Varsity 1st Seed BV Vs 4th Seed BVN 2nd Seed STA Vs 3rd Seed BV 4th Place Teams mentioned: BVNW SME Tongie and SME
  9. They only counted the best two reps from each district, so one of the congress people was not counted, according to the rules. So Jacob is counted, and either Alex or Jesi is, it doesn't really matter which.
  10. I was actually in that class when it happened. It was definietly one of the most appaling things I've ever seen. Also, I was in Minnesota this past week and I heard about the charges on the radio and I found that pretty cool.
  11. Shocker's mom was also my junior high nurse, and I must agree, she was hott. Also, he judged me for my first round ever at STA when I was a freshman. That was an entertaining, and very painful round. Shock tore us up on the ballot, and I think he had to re-write it for being to mean. My partner basically cursed out the other team, which caused one of them to cry, and me to ask him to change his ways for the rest of the tournament in the 2AR.
  12. Fritzler

    Episode III

    But then it only took 5 or so years for the Death Star two. That was one of the things that kind of really bugged me. And some of the dialouge and acting. But overall I really liked the movie. Great way to finish the saga.
  13. Fritzler

    Who is cooler

    Well I helped start this argument with Sarah. I agree that some are less uncool. I was just saying, we are both uncool, not not equally uncool.
  14. Fritzler

    Who is cooler

    Of course we're uncool. We're debaters.
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