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  1. That was you? Heh. I guess I missed have your name. ...And with that, I'll subtly leave the discussion. You're entirely right, it's not my business to be whining about this.
  2. Observation deleted. And I honestly didn't mean to get into a big debate about this, nor did I intend to come off as arrogant. Ignore what I said if you must.
  3. At Lexington finals we lost to a difficult T violation, and I was wondering if someone here could help me think of some good answers to it. We're running the RRF, and the violation is "support = directly to PKOs." I literally wrote a block against it during the 2AC and my counter-definition was so weak it lost us the debate. If someone would help me out here it would be much, much appreciated >_<
  4. That was Evan Johnson. Lost in quarterfinals, though.
  5. Funny that Weston won novice policy, then. (They totally beat us in the final round, though.)
  6. Don't drink soda before a round. I've made that mistake so many times, and yet I never learn...
  7. Lakeland is sending three novice teams.
  8. Amen. We were doing well, too...
  9. Yeah, I was part of the infamous novice team. I was the only real novice who could go, my partner couldn't make it. So I took some other guy to his first tournament. We ended up going 2/1. If my partner had been there, I think we might have done better.
  10. I had thought that would be the downfall of many of those cases... ro0t's idea seems the best. Get some evidence or something that says "Sudan key to world peace".
  11. Me. (Well, actually, not a chance.) Meh. I swear we would have won at Regis had my partner been there, and I wouldn't have been stuck with one of our novices who had no clue what he was doing. Gave me a little more respect for my regular partner, huh.
  12. Blah. I actually run three advantages, Genocide being the most prominent, with Collective Security (extinction) and US Hegemony (nuclear war). It's so much fun to go up in the 2AR and go "If we don't pass our plan, EVERYONE WILL DIE. That means, you, judge, and the negative team as well."
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