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    Texans to Camp

    could i ask a question? assuming i can get in, which would be better for a b-team debater with a tight budget and schedule? UTNIF of DDW? i know that both are great camps, and i have clearable schedule space for both, and might get a scholarship from my school, its just that im not sure which one plays to what i'd like. Personally iim looking for a kritik/theory friendly camp, as those are my main weaknesses... any advice would be apreciated...
  2. Yeah you're right. It was Fairchild from arlington. got perfect 120, which is awesome, props to fairchild. As for creekview, i got spread at uil districts by them and i just shriveled up and died. It was horrible, i could hardly flow anything. However, they are definitly good debaters, and when they stop and explain arguments the get much better. I aagree that some accents could harm speaker points, but not a judges decision on the round, seeing as i lost that round. As for not liking TFA, im sure it goes the same way with TFAgoers going to UIL tourneys. The best way to deal with it is adapt. Just do speed drills and cut cards like iola said.
  3. Seeing as how I left before they were over, could someone post the/some results?
  4. Their both awesome. But jeuit ON is definitly good. They make me so proud... <sniff>
  5. offenbach haskins, sterling bob, liles wilhelm. None of our varsity.
  6. YS, i think they went 4-3 or 5-2
  7. again? let off the tacos. Its all in the burritos. And the salsa. BTW i dont think ive said this so... Jesuit sends one team to UIL 5A, LIles Wilhelm. No disclosure yet. C ya
  8. winston memorial is kick asss, as they have kicked my ass. 4-0 I dont know any more of the records for 2nd year except mine, which is (sadly) 1-3. Any posts for updates?
  9. does any one know why its in a hotel this time? Especially one thats being renovated...
  10. jesuit will see some actions. i think our novices are switching it up. Its up to them to disclose their case. at least 2 novices- not sure who 1 jv- me and my partner
  11. hehe im debating jv there, thanks for the complement. Watch your back for those peepy people at the tournament... 'luck
  12. only one way to find out... DEBATE DEATHMATCH
  13. HAHA sorry for coming across as rude if i do. PS i like that Congo idea, its just im one of those people that takes their case seriously, and felt like proving that its possible to hate on genocide outside of a round. Note to my above post- if you win on it, then i guess its legit. I just dont like the arg
  14. Hence fiat... and hey check this out- since we actually pretend to give a shit about people being slaughtered for no reason, you should vote us up for not being some nihilistic idiot. thats the 2nd worst double bind ever, and it still applies to you. I dont mean to be an asshole, but... Ive never lost on that... but i quess most teams wont take analytics only on a 6 card moral ob advantage The only time ive hit something like it was morality cannot be gauged in any form, at any time. Which is interesting. I think it was kuperman but it was a long time ago so i forget Also if you be lookin for moral good cards try peperzak and fasching, and Vtelesen. there are too many of these babies to count, those are just some of the common ones that can get you started
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