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    The Golden Corral is an absolutely TERRIBLE place to go eat. in fact, i know quite a few "traitors" who have had a great time at Red Ruby's. and what about those bvn'ers? i hear they give out free chipotle burritos? altho you have to be quick about it before a certain someone comes rumbling in looking for em
  2. much props to SMW for a great run. like the wise deskboy and mr. "checkers" said, home field advantage for nationals really DOES matter. -Li
  3. T leads to genocide, c'mon now
  4. letsgo

    Maine East

    anybody who watched the round mind disclosing what happened and what SME won on? PM me if necessary
  5. can BVN join this non-elitist forum?
  6. they actually like to be referred to as KU JB because KU BJ has a very inappropriate connotation
  7. if BVN wins 2 and 4 speaker state steve wood and bill davis will debate together. hmm, we should handicap mr.zuckerman by giving him a novice.
  8. there are some devastating strategies against this case. the version that creates a independent branch in the air force is not topical. at best, it's extra-T.
  9. jared zuckerman is amazing at madden.
  10. letsgo

    TOC in Kansas

    no, helen keller
  11. yep i agree 100%, i would want my debate coach to have a math major rather than an english major.
  12. letsgo


    david horen aka superdave won the tournament.
  13. congrats to everyone at NFL nats, it was an enjoyable experience and hope to see everyone there next year with some homefield advantage.
  14. congrats to all the people who broke, and sorry to silver lake, that really sucks =/ i'll be watching rounds on thurs./fri.
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