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  1. Your parents telling you they love you is a lie.
  2. ...no idea what you're talking about.
  3. Hello all, If anyone needs a judge for any national tournaments feel free to contact me. I think most of you know who I am. Um...thanks. Neil Murphy GWU '10 BCP '06
  4. You got it wrong. Brophy boys don't go to college. We roll on the street fo life. Compton Style. You knowz how we do.
  5. schmurph


    i hate all of you. Brophy: MM - Maerowitz/Mandair FK - Fadok/Kelley WZ - Wasserman/Zilinski some other people will also be attending, I'm not going. P.S. - Kritikman, Churchill isn't Native American. dumbass.
  6. BROPHY: 2 - Meadows: 0 USC - Round 4 Meadows GK dropped by default to Brophy KM
  7. FINALS - VARSITY Brophy MM (aff) def. Desert Vista HT (neg)
  8. how about you just pick up lay judges and don't waste your time making bad arguments?
  9. are the goofy Chandler "A" kids still debating?
  10. Brophy College Prep, AZ will be there with a few teams Mandair/Murphy (MM) Kelley/Maerowitz (KM) Fadok/Speicher (FS) Wasserman/Zeilinski (WZ) i think; the top two are fo' sho'.
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