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  1. Rite...but I agree entirely with the mini-tournament idea. i'm a novice, and I don't really have an opportunity to practice rebuttals & such, so a mini tournament would allow for practice time, and good experience!!
  2. How would I turn the Fish Farm Industry? (BTW Thankyou SOO much for all of y'all that replied!!!) ~*Policy13*~
  3. Ok- How do you run a neg case against and aff who wants to take 3.9 billion from the Idaho Fish farm industry and use it to pay doctors to go to the UN. I know it's not topical, but how would you argue that?? HELP!! THX Policy13
  4. Policy13

    Sudan Neg

    Does anyone have any ideas for a neg case (of any sort, all inclusive) to go against the following resolution Resolved: The United States should create a foreign policy substantially increasing the support of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations by giving logistical and diplomatic support regarding the Sudan.
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