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  1. hehehe...probally not something to joke about george damn weather
  2. yes..yes Michael definetely has his funny moments
  3. NFA DB8


    unfortuniately i dont think NFA will be attending:(
  4. yeah thats right NEWBURGH RR
  5. so you beat him on one arg..which he didnt have a block to wow great job...he was still first speaker..Best novi award in my opinion is his...Lexingtons a highly competive tournment and to be first speaker is amazing (congrats)
  6. NFA's Novices are coming too...WATCH OUT!!!! i wouldnt mind seeing Evan win though...if my novi's cant win it
  7. NFA DB8


    yeah...go Newburgh
  8. NFA DB8


    im going along with the "real" Neil Patel
  9. NFA DB8

    best novi?

    what is this crap...every1 is always crackin on Newburgh!!!
  10. NFA DB8

    best novi?

    yea that was my idea...i have ideas?
  11. NFA DB8

    best novi?

    screw Kansas db8 go NE...no rhyme neccessary
  12. NFA DB8

    best novi?

    hmmm...this thread should die whoever wins Lexington is the best Novi!!!
  13. NFA DB8


    wow great competition...Harsha your housin us how awesome (aim me sometime Gizzy8588@aim) ...NEWBURGH
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