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  1. I got paid today, very nice i will post a screenshot later as proof.
  2. somebody went through and deleted everything so i am closing down the site sorry everyone
  3. Just so everyone knows i will be gone for the next several days on spring break so if you send some evidence in (please do) you will probably not get the password for about a week or so.
  4. If you sent something in and did not recieve the password within a day or so please send it in again it probably didnt work
  5. I would just like to remind everyone who has signed up for the site that in order to recieve payment you MUST make $10 before the end of the month or else it will just carry over to the next months until you do make $10
  6. The resolution is about national service you can pretty easily make it apply I'm running this and please dont tell me how to. I am trying to provide a service for the people who choose to participate in this and I am not trying to make it an elite group where only those who already have tons of evidence can get in. Many people dont have access to or cannot create their own file and this provides a resource for them to get started.
  7. scroll down it has an anarchy CP the terrorism DA is merely to capture a net benefit
  8. Just so that everyone knows I have already made $18.38 on this site with very little time put into it
  9. We also just recieved a kritik for thosae of you who are interested
  10. I would just like to comment that we just got another submission with many new files so keep sending them people
  11. No although some of the offers do require one but you can just ignore those
  12. The check comes on the 15th if you had $10 by the end of the previous month if i am not mistaken. ($10 bucks is simple to make on the site i have already made almost $9 without much effort) It just depends on how difficult it is to complete the poll generally.
  13. http://www.treasuretrooper.com/26473 Click the link and it will take you to a site where you take polls etc. and make money for them.
  14. If anyone has sent in but has not recieved the password you should send again because i just updated it and there is nothing new so please resend it to evidence2006@gmail.com and i will get the password to you ASAP Once again the reason that this is happening is that most people dont have anything yet but once the camps come out or people start to write files we will get much more stuff that is much more valuable.
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