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  1. YEAH BEACH! ski would be so proud. and what the deuce happened to like... all of richmond?
  2. last login: 1-11-09 sigh... anyways, i'm alive. hey kids!
  3. can someone give me the rundown on the topic this year? i'm so out of the loop it's not even funny. also, can GMU be moved to florida because it's cold up there.
  4. there's a tdl blog? enlighten me.
  5. you are a bit worse off than i am, liz side note, i'm off to go drink downtown with brendon barrios. cheers!
  6. going along with deeva and caitlin, i also miss the hell out of debate, but i won't be able to make it to any TDLs this year. which is why you all need to pray/pull strings/do some form of a rain dance so that i get into W&M law and can get away from all the godforsaken cows out here. on a related note, i finally wrote one of my personal statements for my law school applications and i wrote about debate
  7. anyone else think that next year's topics coincidentally lend themselves a little too positively to an obama administration? on that note, what is this year's topic? is oliver the only one still debating?
  8. actually, everyone in the world does. global electoral college
  9. i just found out there is an arcade on this site. something to do in class!
  10. wait... who the hell put you in charge of what?
  11. brrrr. i thought blacksburg was cold- until you go numb, at least.
  12. me too! where did you go?
  13. meeee too. how's college, liz?
  14. my ancient philosophy professor is giving a long drawn out history lesson on aristotle. for the love of god, someone entertain me before i implode.
  15. maybe if i'd been given the opportunity... back in my day we didn't do a lot of kritiks or theory, it was mostly impact debates off of DAs. i'm pretty sure the only major theory debate that's still salient in my mind is when we kicked the crap out of corey and mycal on PICs bad my senior year. but majoring in philosophy does help in finding more eloquent and draw out ways to call someone an asshat.
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