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  1. ooo that was us!!!! haha i'm like a week late ^_^v lol yea... it was sorta worth a try... and wipeout is normally a fun round and we tried our best or at least i know i did ^^ great job setting with villiger and great job to everyone there
  2. suck at wut might i ask? and i'm up for ultimate frisbee i love frisbee ^^
  3. yeah they're qualified now....i guess u can add them to the list cait....Broad Run MH ^^
  4. hey caitlyn ben says he can't go so vanti palns to go wit me.....but avik wants to go wit her to go vars .....but yea jus a little info there.....
  5. sry wut i wuz tryin to say is that that plan text is for the most part written exactly like my plan text but we do something not regarding to SAFE or Patriot Act.....lol....that wuz my fault i didn't clarify much.... back on topic....anyone think that court precedent would win????? cuz for some odd reason when we think its jus a time suck....that's the rfd for us winnin.....O.o o.O
  6. one of the cases for this i've seen says that it includes for gitmo wit leadership and outsourcing torture so this was or strategy and it always worked: Court Precedent+Aspec as time sucks Terrorism risking Extinction linking gitmo Hard power turns but all in all renditon normally has no solvency
  7. ......OMFG!!!! that's my plan text!!!!!! plus the fact that we don't do the SAFE ACT but something else but OMG!!!! that is my case plan lol
  8. wut do u think....does the highway ever end if u dont take any exits? and if it does wut does the end of it look like?....very thinkin to do personally.....
  9. That, as a Christian, I must say is truth in fact. For all who lack wisdom, read Revelations...and on that note, something that I write myself two years ago: In those days, there was an ancient evil that Thrives in the souls of who inhabit Earth. The chosen live in fear for many have tried To rebel, but punishment awaited them. Yet even in their hearts is a ray of light. A light of hope. Hope for the Judge of Light And Truth. His light pierces through all, even those who are Shrouded at the midst of the Beast's feet. Feel free to continue with the thread or comment on this poem.
  10. 1) i did start it 2) that's not why 3) it something i think is fun to talk about whether ridiculous or serious
  11. not just laws of debate but laws of school...and everything else
  12. what? why? don't this is one of my favorite threads...why would want to lock this anyways?
  13. Go Mr. Richards!!!! You're the best!!!! We'll miss you when u retire :'(
  14. .....yeah i guess so but what if the asteroid was really big? then we would definitely need more nukes anyways... Lets say we're gonna die from a black hole, then what?
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