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  1. Alright. Here's mine - Hal and Ben get to finals in state and win it, but are than disqualified. Same depressing ending scene at the pizza place plays - but with Hal singing his request for pizza. Still existentialist, but more meaningful.
  2. Debate movies, without exception, miss the true nature of the activity. I'm still waiting for one that doesn't.
  3. Wow. That was helpful. Check out dieoff, and energybulletin if you're determined to run this questionably moral argument.
  4. One - NO! Plants cant really grow well in radioactive water. Two - not after a couple of megatons get burned in the Sahara. How are you going to get Hazmat workers and cleanups in there. Also - this isn't true. Theres a reason no one lives where Chernobyl used to be and there was a reason we were going to build Yucca Mountain. We can't clean up very well at all. Three - yes! Green glass produced near ground zero of nuclear explosions has extraordinary radioactivity - google it to learn more. A silly idea.
  5. Nothing is fair in debate. Not the resources. Not the teams. Not the coaching. Not the students. This is no different. If it's allowed by the GFCA, than I don't have a problem with it. Getting beat helps your skills. Which are mostly silly anyways. The best GA teams don't even bother to go to State (usually), and NFL/CFL/Whatever are increasingly irrelevant. The playing field is already imbalanced and MS's are already training grounds. Again - it's not fair anyway. Your kids will never be as prepped or experienced as others. That said - I'm OK with it. Guess it just means we need to start spreading debate to the dozens of feeder MS's we have to draw from as a magnet school in Cobb. Currently we only recruit from High Meadows, but that can change As far as Karlin - I kind of agree, using physical age to detract from the mental ability of 8th graders (or any physically younger than you) is silly, ageist, and dehumanizing. As someone who regularly experienced such rhetoric in MS, HS - it's not warranted and totally baseless. I also agree with micfields2000 that MS debate is silly once mastered anyway. Why not let these kids move up and compete?
  6. So its neo-Ehrlich, who copied Malthus. How original.
  7. 3 (The Borat aff was simply too awesome to let go of)
  8. What a shame........ My predictions would be silly since I'm competing... But I'll predict the other division 1 - Pace, 2 - Westminster, 3 - Calhoun
  9. To get back to the point of this thread - this case is probably only really topical if they adopt the "population control" variation of the rez. Even than it's still morally horrific, though no more than spark, nuke malthus (which is where most of the aff lit for this case would come from), or any other generic argument about the benefits of killing people. As for the WoT thing - it's kind of irrelevent; even if you think it's racist there are infinite examples of racism - do you really expect Joe to call out every bit of racism? Get a grip, kid.
  10. we'll be there oh, and I'm pretty sure that Chamblee won't be p.s. - Bree, I'm pretty sure I have prior art on that kind of user name
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