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  1. or if the other team had my younger sister... Ask anyone that was at UMich last summer (who maybe returning this summer, by the way)... Tara GBS
  2. Sorry...the first half of this statement made me laugh out loud... Tara GBS
  3. I wanted to make a couple of brief comments about some of my encounters with Classic kiddos this weekend at the Woodward JV/Novice Nationals tournament... First, it was great to meet so many incoming sophomores that have already committed to being in Ann Arbor this summer. I am glad that we are already started formulating interactions... I wanted to pass on how EXCITING it was to watch debating by some of you that willl be in Ann Arbor. If anyone doubts where the best novice talent in the country is spending their summer, they clearly did not see what I saw this weekend. Holistically, the talent that I watched for those of you committed or considering the sophomore labs at Michigan was incredible. I was glad to also get a dialogue started with some of you about potential arguments that I know you wanted to work on. As soon as the TOC winds down and I get a chance to breathe, I will pass on that information to James, Tim, and Daryl as we plan for the summer. Again, it was great getting a chance to meet so many of you and see some of you in action....it will be an INCREDIBLE summer considering the INCREDIBLE talent I saw this weekend. Tara Tate Glenbrook South Michigan Classic lab for sophomores
  4. The Glenbrooks -- November 19-21. Even being on the TOC Advisory, I won't speak on where the tournament will be in regards to bid allocation. Anything right now would be pure speculation. We were in octofinals bid in both policy and LD in 2004. Tara Tate GBS
  5. We just want to go on record that GBSMathlete does not represent the opinions of the Glenbrook South squad. Not wanting to fuel any fires...been there, done that...you all working in the squad room off Midway Road know what I am talking about. Got nothin' but respect... Tara
  6. THE DOUBLES Glenbrook South CK -- advances without debating Brookfield Central TY-- advances without debating Homewood Flossmoor MT -- advances without debating New Trier LR -- advances without debating LeMars JM -- advances without debating Bishop Guertin GO v. Glenbrook North VW -- Starks, Switzer, Eggert Canton Central SW v. EGR BP -- Song, Johnson, Brown J. EGR FT v. Whitney Young RR -- Barouch, Apel B., Keverian East Kentwood DH v. Canton Central NS -- Tallungan, Batik, Davy Evanston LR v. Meadows CS -- Shankar, Bush, Pomeranz Georgetown Day BS v. Belleville East FO -- Lennon, Orfanos, Bracken Glenbrook North FF v. St. Paul Central OS -- Lynch, Nolan, DiLorenzo Madison West CH v. Homewood Flossmoor FR -- Allen, Reynolds, Derrick Marquette BJ v. Valley GH -- Gottbrecht, Barnstein, Conlon Wichita East DQ v. Shawnee Mission East DR -- Gillespie, Minor, Chestnut
  7. Tim and/or Ralph -- Can you email me at ttate@glenbrook.k12.il.us? I have some Isidore Newman intell questions to ask you... Thanks, Tara Tate Glenbrook South
  8. In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, there are two new items on our hospitality agenda that we are trying to spread the word about... (1) Student Lounge @ The Hyatt -- if you are staying at the Hyatt, a student lounge will be set up on Friday night from 7 - 11 p.m. in the LeClare BallRoom that will have very large round tables for working/socializing...lots of snacks/food (nacho station, sweets station, etc) and drinks will be provided. (2) Coaches Reception @ The Hyatt -- A reception for coaches will be in the Ravinia Room at the Hyatt on Friday night from 10 - 11:30 p.m. Formal invitations will be included in each school's registration packet. Hope you have a safe trip to the Chicagoland area! Tara Tate GBS Debate
  9. We are still looking for a few qualified Varsity CX and Varsity LD hired judges for The 2004 Glenbrooks. The tournament will be held on November 20-22 at Glenbrook South/Glenbrook North High Schools. If you are judging for a school: (1) We are willing to finish out the commitment...if you are judging a half commitment, let us hire you for the other half. (2) Let me know if you are staying in town until late Monday night or Tuesday. We are looking to also hire out individuals who are in town and have teams eliminated that would be willing to judge in late elimination debates. Please reply to ttate@glenbrook.k12.il.us. Thanks, Tara Tate Glenbrook South debate
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