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  1. I am more than happy to give the community the RFD that I wrote on the ballot in the final round. It was an honor to judge this debate, where four incredibly talented debaters were great representations for policy debate. My articulation of the round is not a slam on the debaters that won (I was on the bottom of the decision) but I do think it helps generate educational discussion when current debaters can know what various judges were thinking. I voted Affirmative. I catalogued the debate into looking at the three major issues - the 2AC Chinese aggression add-on, the Disaster Relief DA, and the case debate: 1 - The 2AC add-on was dropped. This was not answered by the Negative in the block or the 2NR. A continuation of having a full Marine presence in Okinawa will signal to Japan that China should be feared. That self-fulfilling prophecy invokes posturing that could lead China to be aggressive. 100% risk of a nuclear war for the Affirmative. 2 - The DA - I wrote this on the ballot when the 1NC was finished: I did not think that, even if the 1NC won every argument in the debate, that they could outweigh the case. The DA had no articulated impact. I think the Negative did a great job spinning the story about future disaster relief centers. However, there was no articulated sizeable impact to that DA. I think the Affirmative further mitigates the DA with a couple of arguments - the current disaster relief project ended a few weeks ago (which took out the alliance impact) and that US military presence would still exist post-plan with other branches of the military. The Negative did not have a card specific to the Aff's troops. Small risk of a very small-impacted DA. 3 - The case - in my opinion, there was not much offense on case. The Negative spinned a logical story about the need for the troops to be closer together to increase speed for responding to crises. However, there was no evidence on this question...just the 2Ns "geography" and "get on the bus" depictions. I even gave the Negative the benefit of the doubt when I called for cards in the post-round to give me any card that they had that made this argument. They pointed me to the Aff's cards. The Aff's cards were clear on this point - it is more important for the troops to be in one centralized place for training (Okinawa is too small of an island so the Marines are too spread out in the status quo to train effectively) and the Marines can more quickly deploy themselves as a centralized unit. The Negative won some case mitigation on the GAO indict - the Marines have been poorly trained for 15 years. This, at best, is small defense. When the Affirmative won a dropped nuclear war add-on, the Negative had a very large hill to climb to win my ballot. The Negative (in my opinion) only won a very small risk to a DA that had little impact. This did not outweigh the dropped Sino aggression add-on nor a very large risk of the case. As an aside, for any individual that thinks I may have voted for the Affirmative because I am "national circuit", you need to brush up on your debate history. I debated for a tiny high school program near Joplin, MO, where my mom was my debate coach. This Carl Junction HS graduate can enjoy and adjudicate a round based on stock issues. The Negative framed the debate as a case vs. DA debate and the above commentary is how I saw the debate in a policymaker paradigm. There have been numerous times at NFL Nationals and at regional tournaments where I have voted for the "non-circuit" team. The "national circuit" label is irrelevant to me and certainly not one that correctly identifies my entire debate history. Again, congratulations to all four debaters for an outstanding final round. It is a very diverse panel and it is difficult to pick and choose your approach. This is just how one lowly coach saw this 90 minutes of argumentation... Tara Tate Glenbrook South HS (IL)
  2. Looking for one room at the Marriott in Cedar Rapids for the Iowa Caucus weekend to add to our block. If you are releasing a room, please let me know before you release it! We will take it off your hands! Tara Tate ttate@glenbrook225.org GBS Debate
  3. I am looking for a judge in the Dallas/Austin area to judge for my sophomore team at the St. Mark's Sophomore Round Robin on October 16-17. Please email me if you are interested. Pay is very good for a two day gig. Tara Tate GBS ttate@glenbrook225.org
  4. GBS is looking to hire some judges for the Valley tournament next weekend (September 25-27). Good pay...hotel and transportation covered. Please email me if you are interested - ttate@glenbrook225.org Tara Tate GBS Debate
  5. GBS is looking to hire some judges for the Valley tournament next weekend (September 25-27). Good pay...hotel and transportation covered. Please email me if you are interested - ttate@glenbrook225.org Tara Tate GBS Debate
  6. A huge congratulations to the four debaters in the final round of NFL Nationals...all four = extreme...extreme in talent, hard work, and integrity. Don't let the haters get you down. No matter what the competitive activity is...high school debate, college sports, or whatever...folks will cry foul against those that win for some reason. This same thread happens year after year about national circuit debaters being born with a silver spoon in their mouth. There is not a person that knows the four of you that would disagree that you represent the best of what high school debate has to offer. To Bill, if I was technologically capable of infinitely positively repping you, I would. I can not articulate what you mean to this community. I can even state that there are times that I am jealous at the adoration my kids have for you ...they know how much you care about objective and educational decision-making as a round adjudicator as well as the well-being of the individuals involved in this activity. I have gotten to know hundreds of debate coaches in my still somewhat young coaching career and I can't think of anyone who exceeds your passion, integrity, and diligence. Perhaps, the root of why people feel excluded in this activity may not circle around resources as others have claimed...it may be due to the simple fact that people are always looking for ways to tear down others. Seriously, our community just crowned a national champion...a community that we love and dedicate our lives, too. Why are we not solely focused on celebrating that moment??? Tara Tate Glenbrook South
  7. Glenbrook South High School (Glenview, IL) is seeking applications for a full-time staff position for the 2010-2011 school year, with duties split between the Dean's Office and the Debate team. The position requires a college degree and is a full-time position in the building. The position requires assistance in the Dean's Office on a daily basis. Generally, this has been monitoring study halls or the school's Testing Center. The job also has daily hours scheduled for assisting with the varsity debate class and debate research. The position also includes a full assistant debate coaching stipend for tourament travel and after-school practices. Interested candidates can email Tara Tate at ttate@glenbrook.k12.il.us with questions. Interested candidates can fill out an online application with the Glenbrook ISD Human Resources Office here: http://www.glenbrook225.org/hr/Pages/SupportStaffVacancies.aspx. The website lists the legal, official job description. Tara Tate GBS Debate
  8. Not sure if this will affect things enough, but one tournament that GBS DT won (Dowling) has not been reported. I am not sure if winning Dowling is more points than their Tournament #4 and #5 (I assume Harvard will replace St. Mark's). I don't know if winning Dowling (5-1 prelims, doubles tournament) is more points than the 194 they received from Greenhill (what will be their fifth point getting tournament). TT
  9. The following are folks that are educating kids tomorrow in the quarters at Blake - strike cards at 7:15 am/round at 8 am: Phillips Greenstein Bencosme Voss Kennedy JMiller Fisher Matheson BPeterson Corrigan Nicolic DHeidt Baxter-Kauf Samuels Timmons Batterman Schultz Whitmore Sadagapol Maycock Standby: Forslund
  10. The following are a list of judges for the octas debate tomorrow - Mullholland J Heidt B Johnson Silber Watson McFarland Batterman Lekovitz Fiori Lingel Randall S Phillips R Quinn S Sanchez K Deming Jennings Berthiaume Whisenhunt Whitmore Voss Nishioka Forslund Oddo Eyzaguirre Batik **Manuel - Stand-by - call Tate at 8:15 am if you would like to see if you are judging
  11. GBS is looking for policy judges for Dowling in Des Moines, IA on December 11-13. Pay is great and housing provided. Transportation also provided if you are from the Chicago area. Email me at ttate@glenbrook.k12.il.us if you are interested. Tara GBS
  12. GBS is looking for policy judges for Dowling in Des Moines, IA on December 11-13. Pay is great and housing provided. Transportation also provided if you are from the Chicago area. Email me at ttate@glenbrook.k12.il.us if you are interested. Tara GBS
  13. GBS is looking for policy judges for Dowling in Des Moines, IA on December 11-13. Pay is great and housing provided. Transportation also provided if you are from the Chicago area. Email me at ttate@glenbrook.k12.il.us if you are interested. Tara GBS
  14. I am upset that Layne Kirshon did not invite me specifically to be on his all-star team. Tate
  15. =========== Coaches/Debaters/Judges/Etc., Many of you may have heard, but I'm thrilled to formally announce that this year will mark the 1st annual Glenbrooks Dodgeball Tournament. My hope is for this tournament in a tournament to become a tradition at the Glenbrooks. Even more importantly, 100% of the profit from your team's tournament (the dodgeball one) entry fees will go to the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues and an LD charity that will be chosen soon. Here's the deal. Location: Glenbrook South High School Fieldhouse. Finding it will be easy once you get to GBS. Maps will be available. For Varsity CX, Public Forum and Student Congress participants, this will mean you stay at your location. For Novice/JV CX, LD and Speech participants, this will mean you need to manage to make your way over to GBS. This is a three-five minute drive from Glenbrook North and 15 minute drive from New Trier. Time: ASAP following the conclusion of events on Day one (Saturday, November 21st). At the latest, this means around 8pm. Thankfully, the events that traditionally end sooner are the ones where participants will have time to make there way over to GBS. Varsity CX, SC and PF teams obvioulsly don't have a long trip. What: Dodgeball! (no wrenches allowed). The format is five players against another five, single elimination round tournament. Just like the one's that will take place on Sunday and Monday. Each school can enter as many teams as they wish as long as each Dodgeball team has five players. How to sign up: Two options. You can email me at wthibeau92@gmail.com with your school name, the number of teams that will be entered, and the roster for each of those teams. Note, if you are entering more than one team, please specify which players are on what team. This will mean we have your team on record so at registration all you have to do is check in and pay your entry fees (will be explained later). This option is easiet for you as well as the dodgeball tournament staff. Second option. Simply sign up your teams and pay your tournament entry fees at the debate tournament registration on Friday night. Note: This means those teams will not receive premium placement in terms of first round byes. What is required: A fifteen dollar entry fee for each dodgeball team. Not each school, each dodgeball team that is entered. Again, the Glenbrooks are making no money from these proceeds. 100% of the profit will go to the charities mentioned above. I hope you all will consider this excellent opportunity to have some fun in the midst of heated competition while supporting the activity we all enjoy. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions or want to sign up, please don't hesitate to email me at wthibeau92@gmail.com See you in a few weeks, Will Thibeau
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