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  1. zwicky


    Grapevine ZF will be there and a couple other GVC teams GVC, Represent!
  2. ! wtf? that's sweet! are you still gonna work at w/e camp you were planning on woring at? lemme know soon...p/m me or hit me up on AIM if I'm on during lab Good Times, Shashank
  3. umm plz not intials actually take the whole 5 seconds to write out your case name
  4. alrighty, same thing we have been runing/winning all year long iraq. yeah i know you are only a wee little 4A school
  5. list your case and or advantages for 5A uil teams here
  6. zwicky

    purity test

    where the F@#K is the Cross-x.com Purity Test?
  7. omg sploog its shayan hes my favorit person espessialy in bed hes also good with nuts and bolts
  8. eh, sorry man but are trophy cases are full, lol yeah coaches wont let us
  9. hahaha, i hate you shayan, jk... yeah i wont be there. sorry guys, *tear eliza *tear
  10. hey i was sent info for a LD debate camp during the winter, i was hoping there might be one for CX.
  11. well winter is here. i was sent info on a camp just to relize that it was for LD... so if anyone knows where i can get some info about CX camps that would be great. ohhh yeah GO CX biznitches
  12. zwicky


    that thread is about IE's <thous evil SOBs>
  13. zwicky


    the UT touny is comming up in a while... i just got a partner (novice) after not being able to debate since camp, so yeah. going to UT who else is going and what ARG's are run down there?
  14. what do you think makes a T whore, a T whore? are they any good or do you just flat out hate. voice your oppion. now
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