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  1. I find myself reading a lot and I saw somewhere about recommendations on politics books and I can't find that anymore. What's a must for reading and what has helped other people the most?
  2. My coach this year said that there were only two type of specs (over and under specification), but I remember from last year there were at least 3. Inherency, spending...? What are all the "specs"?
  3. Oh sorry, I didn't know what I asked what justify meant. What's powertagging?
  4. PhilsterT


    Although I messed up type, you should still do everything I say. Go down their flow and answer all their arguments, cross apply disads or whatnot...
  5. PhilsterT


    With what I know, I'd say there's three critical things for you to do: 01 - Flow EVERYTHING they say and answer it in order how they did it. They started out with inherency, harms, solvency...--answer going straight down (judges love it) and don't skip anything. 02 - CROSS-APPLY! Look at your first flow from your partners speech and then look at their speech and say "cross apply cards [*], [*], and [*]." Cross apply all arguments the other team didn't answer. The judge will move your arguments across and it looks really good. FOR SURE, make sure you got all your good arguments through. 03 - (Relates to 2) Just extend your cards. If your friend say blah blah and blah in the 1AC you say more blah blah and blah. Just extend everything. This is pretty much the format. Did I miss anything anyone else?
  6. Okay, so we have a practice round in two days and then our tournament is in a week from Saturday and I'm running the AIDS case. Can someone explain what I need to look out for and tell me some good arguments for those. I printed the AFF from the Witman CD and have read it through thoroughly. *** Please help.
  7. Oh sorry, I meant "mutually exclusive."
  8. We had a quick lecture on this last week and I still don't understand "conditional," "biconditional," and "mutual." (I think--I'm not really sure about the last one.)
  9. I don't really know "plan-flaw" so could you explain really quickly? So I would never run T against praventative if someone was running the AIDS AFF?
  10. Okay, so I know you can run "T" on any of the words in the resolution but can you run "T" on any of the words in a specific plan?
  11. Yeah, but abuse is such a horrible argument to begin with won't you need something stupid like "desensitizing the word" to refute it?
  12. I'm new and sort of understand this but could you explain a little bit more so it's clear to me. Thanks.
  13. PhilsterT

    New Here

    Hey, thanks for your information. I'll look into seeing if I can do some practice debates. (P.S. - What's the difference in quick reply and normal reply?) Thanks a lot for the starting information on this site--it looks great! I can't wait to become active.
  14. PhilsterT

    New Here

    I'm new here and please bare with me if I make a mistake but I had a few questions. 01 - This year our good coaches graduated (I've completed a year of debate and am starting a second) and the coache(s) this year are real dicks and just yelling at everyone. We don't do much drills, but I was wondering what kind of drills everyone else does? Reading (pen in mouth)...? 02 - [Kind of off topic,] but how do I use an avater for myself that is on my computer and not one of the preset ones? P.S. - ANY information on this site and/or help with debate is appreciated. Last year I didn't try so much so I want to make a fresh start for myself and do much better this year. Please, anything is helpful (especially information about this site).
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