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    well i am a novice debater. i also like to play football, snowboard and mountain bike
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  1. Thats what im shooting for too... hopefully they're going.. who got the positions??
  2. anyone from eastern idaho going?
  3. fucking hate that case... but did like the advantages... and running crt and cls against it....
  4. personally i like suprise affs. the only problem is Kritiks, i know lots of K's that link to most anything so you need to konw K's and know lots of K theory in case ya get hit by a suprise K. without oncase teams will hit ya with T and K, at least from my experince.... i have an Iraq case and am willing to get it to someone if they like... it has yet to be run, and im done on this topic so if ya want it get at me...
  5. dude, i have a message for eveyone who plans on ever debating in front of me next year, oncase will not win you a round, topical counterplans are legit and oh yea, if you run inherency you will loose
  6. wait wait wait wait!!!! are you refering to a certain century tourney where you and i definatgely DID NOT steal a rat from the stupid kimberly team that assumed we would respect them just cuz they came to a tourney... is that the alex action figure??? cuz that was a fun time... best saturday that i ever spent judging not for my school or not doing anything else...
  7. i concurr(sp alot) i'll be the first to admit that hillcrest has skills
  8. hmmm, sounds like a plan to me, it sounds like i should be happy i didnt go...
  9. dude, fuck debate... i really wanna go to nats but seriously, im fairly sick of it... but i still wanna go
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want good judges!!! please!!! any one know GOOD TAb judges that are coming???
  11. mmmkay... im assuming any neg file i buy will be blocked... *EDIT* and could i get an outline of Aff??
  12. mmmkay, wats hyperspace???
  13. well then thats cool that you'll be back for next year
  14. bryan are u a Jr. or a Sr.??
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